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CrowdReign by John Trigonis

Crowdfunding tips, crowdfinding

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Crowdfunding comes with its own set of myths and legends... Some of the legends are the...
Get “Going” with Facebook Events When Crowdfunding Your Indie Film

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It’s no secret that Facebook has made it extremely difficult for filmmakers and other creatives to connect with their audiences from their Facebook pages...

Meet Our Filmmakers

Gowtham Shravan Kumar, Ditch Please, IndieReign, indie film

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Bangalore-based, Gowtham Shravan Kumar, is a well seasoned filmmaker, both  in the independent scene, and in the Indian television industry. After recent success...
Courtney Daniels, indie film, IndieReign, What Other Couples Do

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What Other Couples Do is a brand new independent feature film that has just been released on IndieReign. This romantic comedy follows...

Film Marketing

How to sell your films online: 5 quick steps on IndieReign

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5 Quick Tips on How to Sell Your Film Online With the increase of filmmakers uploading films on IndieReign, we're starting to notice some...
Digital sales Jargon by David White, a glossary of digital sales terms for VOD

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Welcome to Digital Sales Jargon 101: VOD, WTF? Right now we are on the cusp of a dramatic shift from physical to digital for film...


Swaroop Kanchi skips DVD, Chosing Direct Distribution for Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi

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Independent filmmakers are quickly realising that distribution is the time that they sink or swim. Many of which have started opting in for Direct...

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Undercover is a documentary film starring Richard Bert, a Brooklyn man born and bred. Back in the 80's,...


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