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IndieReign’s crowdfunding Project of the Day today is Amiss!

“A mystery thriller, set in Korea, centering on the suicide of a young girl and her father’s retribution against those he believes pushed her over the edge…”

On it’s last legs on Indiegogo, Amiss has just nine days left to raise the final $500 for their project!

Amiss is an original mystery suspense-thriller, written and directed by Raoul Dyssell and William Sonbuchner. The film puts the cultures of East Asia and the West on a collision course with each other and deals with the frightening reality of the human being in a desperate situation: you have no idea who you are.

Producing a feature length film takes a lot of work, and the majority of Amiss has already been completed! The team have found the filming costs by other means, and now, just $5,000 will set them right for post production including: an original score, sound mixing, visual effects, color correction, and subtitles.

Dyssell and Sonbuchner are not altogether new to the film industry with music videos, shorts, and documentaries under their belt, but  Amiss will be the first feature the directors have created, so check out the trailer below and you’ll see exactly why we want to support this film, it looks great! And for a first indie feature attempt, it is my reckoning that these directors will be people to keep an eye on.

Here goes the synopsis:

“The sudden suicide of Anna Choi (Kimberley M. Buxton), a young Korean woman, forces her grief-stricken father (Allan Choi), a powerful, corrupt man, to seek retribution against those responsible for pushing her over the edge. He seeks out the ones with whom she was closely involved with in the short time leading up to her death: her boyfriend (Daniel Kennedy), her psychologist (Lauren Ash-Morgan) and a stranger (Quinn Olbrich) who claims not to have known her. With the help of his trusted henchman (Jung-Gi Min), he has them captured and tied up in an abandoned warehouse with the intention of interrogating them to find out the truth behind his daughter’s suicide and killing the one he feels is to blame.

In the middle of nowhere, far away from help of any kind, they have no choice but to co-operate with the father’s will, while trying to find a way out. Through a series of flashbacks, we discover who all these people really are and the role they played in Anna’s life. However, nothing is as it seems and the truth is shrouded in darkness, for one of them is lying. At the end, the revelation behind Anna’s death is more shocking and sad than anyone could have imagined.

If you want to find out more about Amiss, or keep up to date with progress (as no doubt we will be seeing it at festivals soon) you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, their blog, and of course, their Indiegogo Project!


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