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Picking just five films out of a catalogue of hundreds of top indie films was always going to be a tough one.  Keeping in mind how hectic things can get over the holidays, the majority of my picks are short films that you can watch when you have a few minutes to spare.  You’ll find that my top five for the year express my love for comedy and charming storylines that have been created by some very talented indie filmmakers.  Each one of these films touched and made me smile in one way or another and I hope they do the same for you.

The First Anders IndieReignThe First Anders

“A well-meaning but ultimately accidental Father tries to teach his artistic and troubled young son a valuable lesson. Telling a story that spans over one thousand years of Danish history and countless generations of the family Andersen.”

The First Anders made my top five because it is such a great ‘feel good’ film.  I loved all of the messages and life lessons in the film along with the very relatable relationship between Father and son.  The Viking scenes are brilliant and brought a fun, humorous element to the film.

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Scraps IndieReignScraps

“Eva is a young, compassionate woman who decides to travel amidst a grim urban jungle. She’s accepted by a select few who see her as a shining light in the darkness while shunned by everyone else as a wandering vagrant. Eva must prove herself to a judgmental, image obsessed world by showing how one simple selfless act of love can affect the entire community in ways they may not even realize.”

Scraps is a beautifully written and directed short film.  The story is so moving and had my complete attention throughout the film.  Director, Danny Safady has done an excellent job on Scraps and has done exceptionally well in promoting this film over the year.  Scraps has continuously been a top film on IndieReign and I would highly recommend all indie film lovers to give this a watch!

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Minuto 200 200th Minute IndieReign200th Minute

“A lonely elderly woman resigns herself to waiting for death convinced that it will come knocking on her door as soon as she has wasted the last minute of a cellphone credit.”

I can see why 200th Minute made the Official Selection at so many film festivals.  The set, the acting and the simplicity of the film was beautifully put together.  I loved Miss Orfa in the film and enjoyed that they could make something as doom and gloom as death surprisingly humorous throughout the movie.  Overall, a great indie film that I recommend you check out when you have a spare 20 minutes over the holidays.

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Permanent Vacation IndieReignPermanent Vacation

“Eric, a mild mannered man, takes his wife and his children on what he believes will be a final happy holiday before his kids leave the nest. Instead of a peaceful holiday, Eric is thrust into a world of sexual decadence, headless corpses, sadistic policemen, and one wise old man.”

If you are in to dark comedies then you will love Permanent Vacation.  The characters and plot was a little crazy but it all comes together in the end and totally works.  If you are going camping these holidays, I would recommend you wait until after to watch this slightly bizarre film!  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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The North Pole Deception IndieReignThe North Pole Deception

“A clever, stop-frame animation satire of workers’ conditions at Santa’s factory. Hobbits don’t have anything to complain about compared with the working conditions the elves have to put up with: the freezing cold, lack of toilet breaks and a tyrannical boss who appears to be the missing link between the workers and the big man himself.”

It would be rude not to choose one of my top five films of the year to be a Christmas movie!  This is not your normal ‘merry’ Christmas movie though, in fact it can be rather dark at times; however,  Joe Hitchcock has done an awesome job of keeping the film quirky and funny.

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