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New Zealand Auteur, Jane Campion, will succeed Steven Spielberg in heading the Cannes Jury in 2o14.

Festival De Cannes has officially announced that Kiwi director, Jane Campion, will lead the Cannes Jury in this year’s film festival.

Jane Campion to Lead 2014 Cannes Jury

“I am truly honored to join with the Cannes Film Festival as President of the ‘in Competition’ features for 2014,” said Campion, “to tell the truth I can’t wait”.

Campion is the only woman to win the Palme d’Or (the Golden Palm) award, the most prestigious recognition at Cannes, presented to the director of the best feature film of the competition, for her 1993 film, The Piano. Organisers of the festival described Campion as ”a major filmmaker and indefatigable pioneer”, who also holds the distinction as the only double winner, her short Peel (watch below) having picked up the top prize in that category in 1986.

 ”Cannes is a mythical and exciting festival where amazing things can happen, actors are discovered, films are financed careers are made. I know this because that is what happened to me!” said Campion. ”It is this worldwide inclusiveness and passion for film at the heart of the festival which makes the importance of the Cannes Film Festival indisputable.”

Cannes director, Thierry Fremaux, added, “we are immensely proud that Jane Campion has accepted our invitation. She is one of those directors who perfectly embody the idea that you can make films as an artist and yet still appeal to a worldwide public.”

Previous head jurors include, Robert De Niro, Tim Burton, and Nanni Moretti, but it has been five years since a female represented the festival in the leading position, which was actress, Isabelle Huppert, in 2009. Last year Campion was also the head of the Short Film Jury at Cannes.

The 67th Cannes film festival will run from May 14-25 in the southern France resort town.

Watch Jane Campion’s award winning short, Peel, below:

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Indiegogo Project of the Week 2014 on IndieReign

It’s 2014! The IndieReign team has returned refreshed, revitalized, and recharged from some much-needed time off,and now we’re ready to kick off the 2014 Project of the Week Competitions in a BIG way. This week only, eight projects have been selected for the mix, so hold on to your hats! It’s going to be big.


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 Meet the Projects:

Project-Fuse-Box 2014 project of the Week on IndieReign     The-Most-Beautiful-Day 2014 Project of the Week on IndieReign     Around-here film 2014 IndieReign Project of the Week     Let-It-Bleed 2014 IndieReign Project of the Week

The-Pineville-Heist 2014 Project of the Week on IndieReign     All-Is-Forgiven 2014 Project of the Week on IndieReign     Stuck-In-Time 2014 Project of the Week on IndieReign     The-Price-of-Honor 2014 project of the Week

This lovely selection of projects were amongst entries that we received while on holiday, there were just too many to fit on one competition, but we thought we should try.

2014 is going to be an exciting year, so welcome back voters, readers, and film fans, we’re very happy to see you.

If you want a chance to see your Indiegogo project in one of these competitions, submit it here. Oh, and did we mention the winner gets $100? Well, they do. Which is pretty neat.

Want to know more about these projects? See their video pitches below:


Project Fusebox

Want more? Check out Project Fusebox on Indiegogo


The Most Beautiful Day

See more of The Most Beautiful Day on Indiegogo!


Around Here

Around Here is also around on Indiegogo… 


Let it Bleed

Let It Bleed has out out a call to arms on Indiegogo, will you answer?


The Pineville Heist

The suspense is killing me! Wanna know what the game plan is? You might find it on Indiegogo… 


All is Forgiven

Forgiveness is here, on Indiegogo. 



Stuck wanting more? You know where to gogo.


The Price of Honor

This is shocking. Let’s help stop “honor” killings, find out more on Indiegogo.


Thanks for reading all the way down here! Have you voted? You can do so once a day! The winner will be announced the day after votes close.

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Review Please subscribe documentary on IndieReign

Please Subscribe takes YouTube subscribers on a whole new journey with their favorite YouTube creators, and provides a unique perspective on the actual inside lives of the YouTubers we love.

Please Subscribe is not a documentary about YouTube, or about how it works. It is a documentary that follows eight of the people behind some of the most popular channels on YouTube, how they started off, and how they got to where they are now. It’s a documentary about their journey, and what they did to become YouTube celebrities.

Dan Dobi, the director of Please Subscribe, provides incredible insight to the way of life of the people that have made up their own jobs, and become YouTube personalities (click here to see a pretty cool message from him). In an age where we are turning to the internet for news and entertainment, everyone is scrambling to get their little piece of the pie. I found Please Subscribe gives us a little hope here, we now know that it’s no longer giant corporates dictating to us what we should watch, and when. YouTube is user driven, it is us that have the power to decide if these guys stick around, whether we watch, give the thumbs up, or even subscribe, it’s our choice. And the people we want to watch, are just that, people.

The documentary is great, and gives the people who aren’t a part of the YouTube creators community an opportunity to see a whole new side of the YouTube personalities we love to “like”, as well as an education of what it really takes to make a career out of creating YouTube videos, which by the way, does not look particularly easy.

In Please Subscribe the subjects open us into their lives for the sake of their viewers, and allow the audience to get to know a deeper, much more sensitive side of themselves by really putting everything out there. I very much enjoyed the privilege of learning about their triumphs and struggles, and applaud the ability of these amazing people to be exposed in a different light.

Accompanied with great subjects, Please Subscribe is captivating, the soundtrack is great, and the filming very smooth. If I had one critique it would be I got caught up in the almost chunky way we moved to new subjects, but now that I think about it, it’s very similar to the way we click on new and related videos on YouTube. So that was actually pretty clever, and my argument is now invalid.

I’d definitely recommend watching Please Subscribe. Whether you’re dreaming of your own YouTube stardom, want to know about what it takes, or just want to know a bit more about the sensitive side to your favourite YouTubers, you should watch this.

The Stars

Grace Helbig

Daily Grace (Grace Helbig)

Dan Brown

Dan Brown

Hannah Hart

MyHarto (Hannah Hart)

Mitchel Davis

LiveLavaLive (Mitchell Davis)

Mystery Guitar Man

MysteryGuitarMan (Joe Penna)

Adam Montoya

SeaNanners (Adam Montoya)

Will Hyde

The Will of DC (Will Hyde)

Zach Anner

Zack Anner

Craig Benzine

Wheezy Waiter (Craig Benzine)

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If you’re in the middle of the holiday season, it’s rainy or snowy outside, and you’ve got some time to kill, this is the perfect lineup of films for you. These beautifully shot, moody, and visually stunning feature dramas will leave you breathless, excited, teary-eyed, and maybe a little confused… here are my top five for you:


Verity’s Summer

Verity's Summer Top Staff Pics on IndieReign“When a stranger comes to town 16-year-old Verity must confront the secrets surrounding her father’s time in Iraq… secrets which may tear her family apart.”

Verity’s Summer is my first choice, as soon as this film appeared on site I new we’d be compatible. This 2013 drama is an amazing “coming of age” narrative from Ben Crowe, and is his debut feature as Director/Writer/Producer/Editor – a promising entry for the next British Director ‘to look out for’. Verity’s Summer is somber and tense, with an amazing performance from Indea Barbe-Willson as Verity.

 Watch Verity’s Summer for $3.99


 Please Subscribe

Please-Subscribe Top Staff Pics on IndieReignPlease Subscribe is an intimate look into the lives of YouTubers and answers the question that many family members and friends love to ask you: What is a YouTuber?

Please Subscribe is not a movie about YouTube, it is an incredibly enlightening documentary that follows eight of the site’s most influential and popular personalities, exposing them in a different light and showing us what it takes to be a successful YouTuber.  Accompanied with great subjects, Please Subscribe is captivating, the soundtrack is great, and the filming very smooth, I enjoyed this very much!

 Watch Please Subscribe for $6.99


Chasing Fire Top Staff Pics on IndieReign

Chasing Fire

 Living behind the shadow of her mother, Kristin falls in love with Shane, an aspiring musician, whom she soon discovers to have something innately in common with her.

Chasing Fire is a great watch from the Philippines. Focusing on a taboo subject made the film even more captivating with it’s unlucky characters. The cinematography was great, with contrasting camera work that beautifully complimented each scene. The emotion that came through was gritty yet phenomenal, not a film for the weak hearted, but one that I highly recommend.

Watch Chasing Fire for $4.99


King Lee

King Lee Top Staff Pics on IndieReignThe mostly untrue true story of a young mayor in the 1970s whose ambition is only matched by his corruption… A wild, surreal ride through an era when cities were in trouble, Syracuse was on the rise, and one man had to choose between lining his own pockets and the future of the city he loves.

A true untrue story made of love and hate, I found King Lee to be both hysterical and a little bit shocking. Primarily based on the Mayor of Syracuse in the 70′s, and filled with sex, drugs, and violence. This is a very fun and nutty political satire, a great addition to IndieReign.

Watch King Lee for $5.00



Pinprick, Top Staff Pics on IndieReignA teenage girl is hiding a criminal inside her bedroom closet. At first they have an innocent relationship: trading stories, making up rules, and goofing around, but slowly the man becomes bored with her girly ways and begins to spy on her lonely mother.

Pinprick is a great 2009 psychological suspense, with a twisted tale that takes a lot of unravelling for the viewer. I enjoyed attempting to work out the twists of the tale with a character’s confusing agenda and figuring out who was manipulating who… if I say anymore I might give away the plot, but if you’re into mind games, watch Pinprick for a bit of that accompanied with very convincing actors. Well played, Daniel Young (Writer/Director).

Watch Pinprick for $1.99


Top Staff Pics on IndieReign, ApneaDimitris, a 23 year-old swimmer, dives into the water of a dark pool after achieving success in the European Championships. He has fulfilled the dream of a lifetime, but feels emptier than ever. As his body floats in the water, memories from the past come flooding into his mind, reminding him about his relationship with Elsa, an environmental activist who has mysteriously disappeared.

Aptly named, the Greek drama, Apnea, focuses on Dimitris, a swimmer who can hold his breath underwater for more than four minutes, and him piecing together the mystery of his missing former girlfriend, Elsa. Elsa breathed life into Dimitris, who followed her on a mission to discover the cause of the pollution killing marine life, a subject I feel passionate about myself. This is a heavy thriller, but beautifully shot, with amazing widescreen lensing.

 Watch Apnea for $1.99


For more awesome indie films, check out the collection on IndieReign, and tell us your favorits below! Maybe your list will be featured on IndieReign…



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Mississippi Madam wins IndieReign's Project of the Week

This is it, Mississippi Madam is the final Project of the Week Winner of 2013!

“The true story of the woman who operated a brothel in deep south Natchez, Mississippi for nearly 60 years with a clenched fist, a heart of gold, and a Cadillac.”

The team behind Mississippi Madam have been researching Nellie Jackson for years, and have uncovered stories, facts and records from the Natchez community that they say has ”made our jaws drop, warmed our hearts, bewildered us, made us cry, and led us into a journey that we never expected when we began”.

Mississippi Madam is the story of Nellie Jackson, a black woman born into poverty in 1902 in a small community 36 miles  south of Natchez, who became to be one of the most powerful people in Natchez history. Nellie rose up from being a housekeeper to running a very successful business, a bordello named “Nellie’s”, which operated just three blocks from central downtown during the most crucial time of racial discrimination.

“If you wanted a girl at Nellie Jackson’s place, you arrived before midnight and you arrived sober.” – The Houston Chronicle

The Mississippi Madam filmmakers were tweeting, Facebooking, and generally interneting all last week, and rallied up a ton of votes for the Project of the Week competition, which earned them a well deserved win last week, and we couldn’t be happier!

The Mississippi Madam project has just 5 days left on its Indiegogo campaign, so if you want to learn more about the history behind Nellie’s, like, follow, share, and support this project! We want to see this film made, do you?

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Female Filmmaker from Hamilton New Zealand talks to IndieReign about her Sci-Fi film Shepherd 2154

Local filmmaker, Julia Reynolds, is an amazing champion for female filmmakers everywhere, a sci-fi master, award winning director, and now attempting her hand at crowdfunding, we thought we’d like to have a catch up…

Julia Reynolds has a Masters in Moving Image and has been producing and directing short films since 2003. She is currently teaching part time at Waikato University, New Zealand in Screen and Media and is in production with her first feature film ‘Shepherd 2154’ a Science Fiction Drama. Julia is also currently a PhD candidate at AUT.

There’s been a lot of talk lately of the inequality in the film industry. Of course Independent cinema is shaping up a lot better than Hollywood, but it’s still by no means an equal playing field. Here at IndieReign, we’re getting mighty sick of inequality and injustices for all independent filmmakers, and to show our support for Women In Film, we’d like to highlight some of our amazing female filmmakers. First and foremost is a great friend to us, a local filmmaker to IndieReign’s HQ, and an amazing female filmmaker, Julia Reynolds (Portrait, Cati, Heroes)

Q) What made you decide to get into film?

A) I have always written stories and started to imagine them as film, I was in the middle of a Media Studies degree when I realised, that although I loved watching and analysing film I wanted to (try) and make them. So I changed degrees and majored in filmmaking – that was the start anyway.

Q) What challenges have you had to overcome in your filmmaking career?

A) So many, that is difficult to answer here. Juggling family has been difficult, trying to raise money for projects while working full time and being a mother. Self doubt would be another one – there are so many talented filmmakers around it is hard to see what I have to offer, however I try to remind myself of my unique position in the world, as a female, and in New Zealand.

Q) Do you think New Zealand has apt resources, and has created a sustainable place for supporting up and coming filmmakers?

A) Filmmaking is made up of creativity, determination, hard work, risk-taking (time/financially/artistically/emotionally) – it is not for someone wanting a secure path. No I don’t think it is that sustainable – All the filmmakers in New Zealand that I have talked to are struggling in some way, and some of these people have been very successful. The old paradigm of funding/distribution security does not exist anymore, so on one level it is all struggle and on another level it is full of future possibilities.

Q) Tell us about how your most recent project, Shepherd 2154, came together?

A) I first wrote Shepherd 2154 as a short film in 2007 and realised there was a lot more to this story, so I brought Wendy Cook in to co-write and we worked on the script for about two years. The story is made up of a major flashback story of a girl and her family travelling back from a Mars moon base when the stars disappear – and without stars there is no way to navigate – so basically they are adrift in a void. Eden, the main character, sees a light appear which starts to slowly move away, she convinces her parents to follow the light and through a series of events they find themselves orbiting Earth. We have shot all those scenes, but have not yet done full visual effects and are now heading towards shooting the main part of the film which is based on Earth.

Yes there has been a major re-write over the last year. The original story was too complicated and basically came down to lack of finances. So I simplified the script, tried to concentrate on what my strengths are as a filmmaker. It has been an interesting journey re-working connections into the flashback scenes that have already been shot. Eden is played by my daughter Olivia, it is a real privilege to spend the creative time with her.

The crowdfunding campaign for Shepherd 2154 is currently live, and has only 4 days left! Click on the title to the right and check out the Indiegogo campaign to meet Julia, and see the Shepherd trailer!

Q) It seems you have a passion for making sci-fi films, what inspired this, and what are your fav sci-fi films?

A) I like all genres and non-genres, I don’t know if I would go down this road again, without a bigger budget anyway. My favorite Sci Fi…. that is hard to say, I love Stalker, 2046, Letters from a Dead Man (Pisma myortvogo cheloveka), Children of Men… mmm there’s so many…

Q) Is Shepherd 2154 going to be international? What is your release strategy?

A) I do have plans, but it is a wait and see approach for now, it really depends on different factors coming into play. The post-production stage will take at least 18 months – it would be nice to see the film have some festival time, a small theatrical release at independent cinemas… who knows really, but I’ll keep working on it and let you know.

Shepherd 2154 is currently in funding on Indiegogo, and with just 4 days left we’re looking for lots of extra support for Julia! If you want to help out, please share her Indiegogo campaign, or if you fancy, just $25 will earn you a DVD copy of the movie!

Below are some great behind the scenes pics of Shepherd, if you want to keep up to date with the film’s progress, find Shepherd here:

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Frozen Marbles, a short film that will stay with you long after you’ve left the theatre, has just won Project of the Week!

Frozen Marbles is a great new short film campaigning on Indiegogo, by director David Lester, mega fan of Pearl Jam, and starring Jessica Rose, whose all time favorite band is The Beetles. I can get behind that.

The whole team putting this film together are passionate about movies, and they are certain that the talent they all possess will come together with Frozen Marbles and make the world a better place. “We have a story worth telling — a story about the tensions, connections, and rituals that make up the life of a family.  It’s a story with the potential to mean something to many people”…

It’s the fifth anniversary of their mother’s death, and Jade & Maya are doing what they do every year: get together in Jade’s apartment and stay there, awake, until the sun comes up. In the past, they’ve made it through the 24-hour ritual together, but this year is different.  At the 11th hour, five years of building tension bursts and the deep differences between the sisters are revealed.

Making movies is expensive, so if you want to help Frozen Marbles, or be a part of this journey, there is just three days left on Indiegogo, and the team is still just over their half way mark for fundraising, so share, share share! Sharing is caring after all.

Furthermore, if Frozen Marbles is financially successful, the team swear that they will take what they make, dollar for dollar, and donate it to other independent filmmakers looking to raise funds for their film. They are paying it forward, so why not invest?

Here are some of the cute pictures Frozen Marbles posted on their Indiegogo page about last week’s Project of the Week competition, these cute babies must be the reason this team won for sure! Congrats Frozen Marbles!

boy holding Frozen Marbles sign      Babies holding cute signs

This is Dave and Jess, we think you should meet these two lovable chaps:

Connecting Frozen Marbles:

(you can find them here)

facebook     twitter     Round Indiegogo Logo


Frozen Marbles won Project of the Week, and with that $100 for their project, as well as this awesome blog post. If you want that, submit your indiegogo film project here!

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The Wedding Invitation, Truth, Mississippi Madam and The Notorious Guys

This week on IndieReign’s Project of the Week Competition we have a great new line up! The Wedding Invitation, Truth, Mississippi Madam and The Notorious Guys are our new contenders, but only you can decide who will win. So, vote now, chumps!


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Who should win #IRPOTW?
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This week’s Line up:

The Wedding Invitation

The Wedding Invitation is the story of three single thirty-somethings and their plight to find their soul mates.  They must track them down, hit on them and bring them to the wedding of the year… in one week!  Yikes!  Their mission, splattered with drunken-dry-heaving-walk-of-shame moments will require them to break all of the Dating 101 Rules to make it happen. Why this week? Because this is the week that they stop waiting for men to choose them.  This is the week they take back their control. This week, they make their own fate. It’s awkward and embarrassing and cringeworthy– but with a dose of courage, the support of their girlfriends and a few shots of tequila– anything’s possible.

Gender inequality within the film industry is currently a hot topic, only 9% of all directors are female, and only 30.8% of speaking characters in films are female, along with so so many more disturbing statistics. I’m thinking it’s time for us ladies to get up and actually do something about it! And that’s exactly what the team behind The Wedding Invitation are doing. This group of talented ladies are a force to be reckoned with, and they are going to make the best damn lady film ever. Vote for these ladies! They are all kinds of awesome.


A suspenseful, psychological thriller, Truth, exposes the hidden demons buried deep inside each and every one of us. After a chance encounter over the Internet, Caleb meets and falls head over heels for Jeremy, and soon the line between love and lies blur. Struggling to keep his past a secret, including his mentally ill mother, Caleb slowly succumbs to his darker side. A sudden turn of events finds Jeremy held captive, until Caleb’s quest for the truth be revealed.

Truth is an extraordinary film, one that started on Indiegogo a year ago, now they are back, their film is completed, they’ve screened at festivals, and are once again fundraising on Indiegogo, but this time, it’s for post production and distribution funds. If you think this project deserves a win, vote for Truth now! They’ll be ever so grateful.

Mississippi Madam

Established in 1921, “Nellie’s” was a well-known brothel in Natchez, Mississippi. This story is not for the timid or the faint of heart. Many know of Miss Nellie, but this story has never been told. The remarkable story of a madam with a heart of gold, a clenched fist, and a Cadillac.

One of the great things about films, is that they allow stories to be told. Stories that you wouldn’t really know about otherwise, stories that give you a whole new perspective or understanding of something, stories that take you away to another place. It is with such passion that this team of filmmakers are raising money to tell Nellie Jackson’s story, and on the account of their elderly witnesses, they need to raise money to do it now! Nellie Jackson’s story is one that you only see in the movies, and you can help make this happen.

The Notorious Guys

The Notorious Guys follows Steven, a 23-year old pupil attending a special needs class in Luxembourg. He is overjoyed to hear that his school has won a trip to visit Portugal. As soon as Steven arrives on location, he decides to discover his homeland on his own with his friends. But things lead that they are on the Most Wanted List for money counterfeiting. Thats when Stevens best friend, Guy-Désiré who had to stay at home because of bad grades is about to come to their rescue.

The Notorious Guys is Adolf El Assal’s first professional feature film, both co-written, produced, and directed by this man himself. For five years Assal worked on this project, and now it is finally finished, and available to purchase on IndieReign! Assal and his film are from a tiny European country called Luxembourg, and are finding it tough to find distribution outside of their borders. To help get this film travelling, and show people all around the world the comedy that arose from Luxembourg, Assal is relying on beautiful Indiegogo supporters to help him realise his dream. Do you want to help? Of course you do, vote for The Notorious Guys now!


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Life Itself, Shepherd 2154, Cutter, and Frozen Marbles in IndieReign's Project of the Week

New Project of the Week Competition! This week Life Itself, Shepherd 2154, Cutter, and Frozen Marbles feature, and you decide who wins $100!

This poll is now closed.
Who should win #IRPOTW?
Poll Results:

Meet the Contestants:

Life Itself

Life Itself, the first ever feature-length documentary on the life of Roger Ebert, covers the prolific critic’s life journey from his days at the University of Illinois, to his move to Chicago where he became the first film critic ever to win the Pulitzer Prize, then to television where he and Gene Siskel became iconic stars, and finally to what Roger referred to as “his third act”; how he overcame disabilities wrought by cancer to became a major voice on the internet and through social media.

“This movie is a love story really –– Roger’s love for movies, for Chaz, and even in his own way, his love for Gene. Ultimately, though, it’s a film about Roger’s love for life itself.”

Just like the rest of the film-loving, filmmaking world, we were deeply saddened by the recent passing of legendary Roger Ebert, so getting a chance to support and be involved in this project naturally exited the IndieReign team. This man played a huge part in the film industry, a nod of approval from Ebert meant your film was in forever. This fascinating documentary needs to be made, if you feel that way, too then vote for Life Itself, A feature documentary based on Roger Ebert’s memoir.

Shepherd 2154

Struggling to survive in a dystopian future, Eden, a 16 year old girl, comes across an old map bearing an image that haunts her dreams; but when she is faced with leaving the only life she knows to follow the map, she must accept her dreams and memories, as a way to uncover who she is in this world. Only then can she find a future.

“Film Company, Zorp, built an entire Spaceship set”

Shepherd 2154 is a local film for us, a project based in the mighty Waikato region of New Zealand, helmed by the fabulous female filmmaker, Julia Reynolds. There’s a truly miraculous story behind this film, a sci-fi epic with a Spaceship hand built by Julia’s husband, and their daughter leading the cast as Eden – making movies is a family affair, and to be quite honest, I am rather envious! We love this project, and it’s been years in the making, now they need just a little help to get to the end, if you want to know more, check them out on IndieReign’s Indiegogo Partner Page! Oh, and give them a vote above!


When Amanda and her friends discover a decaying boat run aground in the secluded bayou, they think they have found the ideal party spot. Unbeknownst to them the boat is home to Cutter, a disturbed loner with a tortured past and a body covered with self-inflected scars. Cutter is driven to defend his home against the unwanted visitors who fight back…but are brutally dispatched and added to his macabre collection rotting in his meat locker. When local law-enforcement arrive to investigate the missing students, they will be put to the test and tempted by lust, greed and the lure of forgotten fortune.  Their final decisions will decide who lives, who dies and whether or not truth will finally be revealed.

 ”Cutter is old school horror you do not want to miss”

First thing’s first, if there are any animal lovers out there, fear not, this rabbit was not killed to feature in this film, I asked. Cutter is a new ultimate horror, one that is bound to appease all the ultimate horror gods. This slasher is good and proper, none of these teen vampires, werewolves, or myths and legends, Cutter is a nightmare that you would never want to come true… vote for it now, and unleash it’s reign of terror.

Frozen Marbles

It’s the fifth anniversary of their mother’s death and Jade & Maya are doing what they do every year: get together in Jade’s apartment and stay there, awake, until the sun comes up. In the past, they’ve made it through the 24-hour ritual together, but this year is different.  At the 11th hour, five years of building tension bursts and the deep differences between the sisters are revealed.

“In Frozen Marbles, we have a story worth telling – a story about the tensions, connections, and rituals that make up the life of a family.”

Frozen Marbles has something important to say, will you help the team behind it give this film a voice? This is a film of meaning, intelligence, and depth from a young, passionate group of hardworking Canadian filmmakers, who really do want to make their mark on the indie film world, and they say in their project that if they are financially successful with Frozen Marbles, they will match what they raise, dollar for dollar, and donate it to other filmmakers looking to make their mark! We just love that. If you do too, vote for Frozen Marbles now!

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My Name is Emily writer/director, Simon Fitzmaurice says “don’t be put off by my serious expression, I’m talking to you from the inside where I smile quite a lot. Having MND means I cannot do many things anymore but I still have my writing, my filmmaking, I still have a voice.”

If you are in need to restore your faith in humanity, and in filmmakers, this is the story to read. My Name is Emily, a new film by Simon Fitzmaurice, just recently won IndieReign’s Project of the Week competition, but we think they deserve a whole lot more than the $100 prize.

My Name is Emily, a coming of age drama about 16 year old Emily, who runs away from her foster home on her 16th birthday with her school friend Arden. They take an old yellow Renault 4, and set out to rescue Emily’s Father, a visionary writer, locked up in a far-off psychiatric institution. Along the way,  driving across Ireland.. Emily and Arden fall in love. In the end, Emily learns she must face her Father’s madness to find happiness.

The extraordinary thing about My Name is Emily, is the story behind it’s writer, and director, Simon Fitzmaurice. Simon Fitzmaurice is an award winning filmmaker based in Ireland, but just after his film, The Sound of People, screened at Sundance in 2008, he was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (ALS).

Motor Neuron Diseases are a group of neurological disorders that affect motor neurons, the cells that control the muscles we use to speak, walk, swallow, and general activity of the body. ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is the most common of the five different types of MND, and this is what Simon has. ALS causes the loss of the ability to control all voluntary movement, and eventually the loss of the ability to breathe. The average life expectancy is 39 months after diagnosis.

When Simon was diagnosed, he had two young children, and his wife, Ruth, was pregnant with their third. Simon had been heralded as “Ireland’s most promising filmmaker” by Film Ireland, and was just about to really launch his filmmaking career.

Do you think that stopped him? No, it didn’t. Simon began typing out the script for My Name is Emily by hand, then, when he could no longer move his hands to type, he got a retina sensor on his computer, and continued piecing his script together letter by letter with an eye-gaze computer.

“There is a certain sickness to always wanting a happy ending, if the desire for it is driven by a fear of seeing things as they are. But there is another impulse much deeper than fear, the will to live, to live with the sadness, loss and love that is life, navigate it, to not give up. That is Emily’s story, this is a story of redemption.”

Five years, and two more children later, Simon is refusing to let MND beat him, and continue with his filmmaking career. Now, his script has finally come together, he has an amazing team, and is ready to make his movie…

Of course we were very enthusiastic about putting My Name is Emily into the project of the week competition, but what happened between the two filmmakers, Simon, and Jesse Merendino (SLC Punk, SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead) truly inspired us, and warmed many hearts.

Jesse Merendino and Simon Fitzmaurice supporters ruled the competition, and voting was intense! But when Jesse scoped out the competition and discovered Simon and his film, the tables turned.

“OK. If my project wins, I will commit the prize to My Name is Emily” said Merendino on the competition page, “I have tremendous respect for the director and bow to his courage. He should’t even have to compete. For the sake of Director Solidarity.”

The whole office was moved by Merendino’s motion, and in an email he went on to say, ”we went ahead and gave them the 100 dollars because we figured his project would win and we still wanted to make a contribution. So my girlfriend Severine Ferrari put in 100 bucks and I’ve been directing my fans over to his campaign. He needs to make that movie!”

We’re used to awesome filmmakers engaging in this competition, but every so often we get teams that play a little dirty. Simon and Merendino, however, are amazing, they inspire us, our readers, as well as supporters of both projects. This is a great story, of respect for filmmakers as artists. We are all independents, and we all need to stick together somehow.

Congratulations to My Name is Emily, your project is awe inspiring, and you gained a very well deserving win, we thought that James Merendino and his team on SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead deserved an honorable mention in the highest sense also.

These are both amazing projects, if you are so inclined, find and support them here:

My Name is Emily

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SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead

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If you want to be a part of this competition, submit your Indiegogo project for Project of the Week here.

My name is Emily wins Project of the Week

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David White, CEO of IndieReign, and Marc Hofstatter, Film Lead at Indiegogo, (below) celebrate the newly formed partnership between IndieReign and Indiegogo. Today the partnership was announced, with the aim of guiding independent filmmakers through the process of creation right through to distribution. Article continues below:

David White, CEO and founder of IndieReign and Mark Hofstatter, Film Lead at Indiegogo celebrate the new IndieReign Indiegogo partnership

20 November 2013

For Immediate Release

Online Independent Film Marketplace IndieReign Partners with Indiegogo, the World’s Largest Global Crowdfunding Platform

IndieReign has today announced a partnership with Indiegogo, the world’s largest global crowdfunding platform.

IndieReign is an online film marketplace which enables filmmakers to self-distribute and sell their content directly to fans online, while crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, empowers people around the world to crowdfund what matters to them. Filmmakers that opt in to the partnership gain leverage for their projects with the guarantee of extra support and coverage during their shot at raising funds.

“We are excited about our partnership with IndieReign,” says Danae Ringelmann, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of Indiegogo, “IndieReign are one of the leaders in the movement towards a more sustainable independent film industry. With literally thousands of film projects around the globe raising funds each month on Indiegogo, both our organisations are naturally aligned to helping filmmakers succeed.”

Already this year IndieReign has supported over 100 crowdfunding projects from all around the world, helping indie artists achieve their fundraising goals and gain worldwide exposure.

One of the many projects that benefited from the partnership was American/Korean film collaboration, Amiss. Raoul Dyssell, co-director/co-producer of Amiss, says “Without IndieReign, Amiss would never have reached the international audience it did, thereby not only reaching our campaign goal, but surpassing it with extra donations, after the campaign had ended, from global supporters who found out about the film on their website”.

Dyssell’s Indiegogo campaign, Believe in Amiss, was featured on IndieReign’s blog, promoted over the IndieReign community, won both IndieReign’s Project of the Week and Project of the Month competitions, and will go on to be distributed on the platform when released.

“Independent filmmakers look to IndieReign for direction and advice which is why we are very careful when it comes to who we partner with” says David White, CEO and founder of IndieReign who recently spoke about digital distribution at AFM (American Film Market). “We chose Indiegogo because they’re not only the world’s largest global crowdfunding platform, but their values align with our own, and this partnership provides a new channel for independent filmmakers to easily make the transition from financing to distribution.”

To read more about the IndieReign and Indiegogo partnership, visit www.indiereign.com/partnerships/indiegogo, or if you want to start your indie film related project with this partnership go to IndieReign’s Indiegogo partnership page and click the ‘create campaign’ button.

About IndieReign

IndieReign is an online VOD site for indie film lovers that empowers indie filmmakers to rent and sell their films online. Our methods are simple: easy sign up, smooth rental, pro-community, curated material, and all the tools a filmmaker needs to connect with their followers. Join us at www.indiereign.com and sign up for free.

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About Indiegogo

Since Indiegogo pioneered the crowdfunding industry in January 2008, more than 150,000 campaigns have launched on the site. Currently the platform distributes millions of dollars across the site each week, globally, and has seen a growth of more than 112% in the past year. www.indiegogo.com

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Filmmakers, what the IndieReign Indiegogo partnership means to you

What the IndieReign Indiegogo Partnership means for Filmmakers

Create your Indiegogo film project through IndieReign and gain more exposure and funding during your shot at raising money.

Update: 01/06/14

Great News!

Projects connected to our Partner Page now get 10% off all Indiegogo platform fees! Read here for more info.

How It Works:

Joining our partnership is easy as pie. If you want to be a part of it, simply click the create campaign button to start crowdfunding now!

When you’re ready to start crowdfunding for your indie film project, visit the Indiegogo IndieReign Partner Page and click the link to get started. When your project goes live, you will be connected to our partnership, and your project will then be featured on our Indiegogo partner page.

Round Indiegogo Logo   Create Your Campaign

So, What’s In It For You?

  • Extra exposure to a large community of indie film lovers
  • Your project will be featured on the IndieReign Indiegogo partner page
  • Promotion on IndieReign’s social channels, equaling a reach of over 50k indie film enthusiasts
  • A higher chance of being chosen for the Project of the Week competition, greatly increasing your project views. Bonus: Project of the Week winners receive $100 towards their project!

The result of creating your Indiegogo project through IndieReign? More eyeballs on your project and more potential backers learning about your film! It’s a win win win win situation.

Why Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding site where anyone can raise money for film, music, art, charity, small businesses, gaming, theater, and more.

We believe Indiegogo is the best global platform for indie filmmakers to use, bar none. By joining forces with this great crowdfunding behemoth we are creating a space for indie filmmakers to own their ideas and films, right from creation to promotion and onto distribution.

Just like Indiegogo, we love the underdogs, and we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to help the indie filmmakers in our community get ahead with their projects.

Thinking about perks? We can help there, too!

If you want to offer an advanced screening, early download, or one time watch online as perks for supporting your project, we can help you make that happen! You can use IndieReign’s technology to provide this for your backers, and we can help you put it on your website, too. Just have a chat to us, and contact marketing@indiereign.com to make this happen.

Take Your Audience With You to IndieReign:

The natural progression of building up a fan base and crowdfunding for your film, is to then use that same audience and sell it to them online. IndieReign’s self distribution VOD platform allows you to connect to your crowdfunders immediately when your film is available. You’ve done all the hard work until now, and your fans are investors of your project, why not let them have it ASAP? Get your film funded on Indiegogo, then sell it on IndieReign, it’s as simple as that.

Enter Project of the Week and Win $100!

Every week IndieReign holds the famous Project of the Week Competition where the project with the most votes wins $100 towards their Indiegogo campaign! Do you think you’ve got the fan power to win?

Get the most votes over 7 days and the prize is yours. Enter Project of the Week here.

Watch Indiegogo Crowdfunded Films on IndieReign

Want to see some of the masterpieces that have been created from Indiegogo, the world’s largest global crowdfunding platform? We have a fine curated collection of films on IndieReign that have successfully raised money through Indiegogo, and gone on to utilize IndieReign’s platform to sell to fans, check out the best of them here.

The Fine Print

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not really, we just want to help! But before you get started, you might want to be aware of the following terms and conditions.

1. Before you connect your campaign, you must be a member of IndieReign (membership is free)

2. To join our partnership, your Indiegogo campaign must be for an independent film project, be independent film related, or be approved by IndieReign before it is connected to IndieReign on Indiegogo.

3. If your project is deemed inappropriate by IndieReign’s standards, it may not be approved to connect with the partnership. Influencing factors include: projects promoting, endorsing, or containing sexual content, drug use, hate speech, discrimination, or excessive violence.

4. Partnered projects are not automatically featured on IndieReign’s blog, and IndieReign’s funding is limited.

5. Once you are partnered with IndieReign you cannot disconnect your project, unless you contact us with unforeseen circumstances.

6. Partnering with IndieReign does not guarantee your project success, promotion efforts will need to be maintained by you in order to reach your goal.

7. IndieReign is not held responsible for the failure to reach fundraising levels.

8. You have no obligation to upload your film onto IndieReign once it’s finished, what you do with it is up to you, although we would really really love to see your films on our VOD platform. Learn more about how it works here.

For your ease of mind: IndieReign does not own any of your content, and you retain full rights to your project. We do not dictate how you raise money, or what you do with your project after the crowdfunding campaign is finished.

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Life, Death, and Rebirth have made an outstanding win in IndieReign’s Project of the Week Competition, but now they have $9,000 to raise in 48 days.

The most recent Project of the Week Competition was insane! Life, Death, and Rebirth had a fully fledged voting battle with Nila, both gaining over 1,000 votes from very fierce voters. The final results tallied 2,605 votes, with 1,122 going to Nila, and 1,143 going to Life, Death, and Rebirth. Thank you to everyone that voted, the competition definitely had us sitting on the edge of our seats!

When earth’s rotation became so slow that the world fell into an eternal night, thousands of bunkers were built to protect the people from the death that darkness brought to the world. This is the story of a dog and his family suffering the last sunset of a land that goes into complete darkness, a young couple losing their only child when they get trapped in a bunker, and a woman seeing the sun only between dreams, while she survives to the actual darkness of the world. Different families will face what was, is and will be to live and die in the world when time itself comes to an end.

This project has been in the making for over two years, and now the cast and crew are ready and waiting to get this indie film finished! By forming amazing alliances the team have managed to secure accommodation, and location costs but need help to raise another $9,000 to complete this film!

Life, Death, and Rebirth is directed by Luis Enrique Vanegas, a young Columbia based filmmaker, who has practised the art of filmmaking by directing several short, aims to make his feature film debut with micro budget Life, Death, and Rebirth, and judging from the footage above, it’s going to be good.

If you want to be a part of this project, check out Life, Death, and Rebirth on Indiegogo, share the project and if you’re feeling fancy, donate a little to get some awesome perks!

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Vote for IndieReign's Project of the Week! Will it be Hope, My Name is Emily, SLC Punk 2, or Entrain

This poll is now closed.
Who should win Project of the Week?
Poll Results:

My Name is Emily, Hope, Punk’s Dead, and Entrain are in the running for the new Project of the Week Champion title, but these projects need your clicks to win! You dictate the victor, and you decide who gets $100. What are you waiting for? Vote now!


Want to get to know the projects? Here they are:

My Name Is Emily

Simon Fitzmaurice was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (ALS/MND) in 2008 – just after his film The Sound of People screened at Sundance. At the time, Simon was the father of 2 children, his wife Ruth was pregnant with their third, and he had been heralded as “Ireland’s most promising film-maker” by Film Ireland. But Simon refused to allow his disease to affect his drive towards becoming a feature film director. In the face of this adversity he wrote the script for My Name is Emily.

My Name is Emily is a story of madness, sadness and love. On her 16th birthday, Emily escapes from her foster home, and with the help of Arden, the boy who loves her, she sets out to find her father, a visionary writer, locked up in a far-off mental institution. Last week we featured Legend, a documentary about two guys who had been diagnosed with MND and their quest to bike 10 million meters across Australia, but now, the amazing, inspirational Simon Fitzmaurice, living with MND is still following his passion and making films. This is something we want to support, and you should, too. Find My Name is Emily on Indiegogo and please share this project!


Hope – The Documentary

“On October 2nd, 2006, my oldest brother Charles Carl Roberts IV, walked into a one-room Amish school house in Nickel Mines, PA, close to where he lived. There he shot and killed five young Amish girls and injured five more. Moments later he took his own life. The question of why will forever be unanswered.” Hope is an indie documentary surrounding the Amish school shooting in 2006, where a mother picks up the pieces after her son’s senseless mass murder spree and suicide.

Hope is a story made from terrible incident, but turns into one of hope and love. School shootings are becoming far too common an occurrence in America, but what we don’t hear much about is the families involved. How do they heal? How do they get passed such an unimaginable event? Hope is a film made by Zach Roberts, about the shooting and suicide of his brother, and his mother’s mission to share and help others from her experience. I’m getting chills writing about this, and I think it will be a very very moving film. Watch the video, meet Zachary’s mother, and share Hope on Indiegogo here. 


SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead

Punk’s Dead is the long awaited sequel to SLC Punk, the 1999 cult movie by James Merendino. 18 years later, in Punk’s Dead, Bob is still dead, but Trish from the Bong Shop, Stevo, Sean the Beggar, John the Mod, crazy Mark and tree hugger Mike are arrogantly saving the world for another generation…or they are at least trying. Get ready to find out what happened to your favorite characters, as we take you to the pivotal events in their lives since SLC PUNK. Holding it all together will be the misadventures and observations of one of their offspring, an eccentric kid named Ross, who has a lot to live up to…

I’ve got to admit, I haven’t yet seen SLC Punk, but from what I hear, it’s pretty damn great. 14 years later, and James Merendino is independently raising money for the sequel, SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead, with ‘Fan Funding’ on Indiegogo, and we want to help him make it happen, since Hollywood will not have a bar of this punk movie. The plan so far is to go for an Art House theatrical release before VOD, so spread the word! So go minions, go, tell every punk-ass kid you know about this film! Oh, and it’s on Indiegogo here.



One subway train in Toronto. A jam session. Two cultures. From the french word for ‘spirited’, Entrain tells the story of Laurence, a young French exchange student. Displaced and alone, he escapes the mundanity of his commute by air drumming to the music on his iPod. His drumming attracts the attention of Method, an East-African djembe player. What ensues is a jam session between the two, one that reveals to Laurence that the need for connection is never actually lost, only sometimes forgotten.

What could be better than spontaneous jam sessions on a train? A movie about it, that’s what. I’ve seen those videos floating around YouTube with jam sessions from friendly travelling musicians, and I loved them, but Entrain will be even better, as there is such a bigger story here. I’m a full believer in the power of music, and it’s ability to bring people together, making them feel connected, and like they’re not alone. This is exactly what Entrain conveys, and it will be an amazing film in all it’s conventions. Check Entrain out on Indiegogo, the team is awesome, and SO very close to raising their goal!


Do you have a crowdfunding project for your film? Click here to submit YOUR project to win $100!!