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Jon-Paul Gates Haunted indie films

It’s Halloween and what better way to find out more about one of our spookiest films on IndieReign, Haunted.

British director, Steven M.Smith’s reality-TV horror film takes the audience into the most haunted place in the world, filming a paranormal investigation and obtaining evidence that proves we are not alone.

We wanted to find out more about this spine-chilling horror so we got in touch with the ‘Medium’ in the film, Jon-Paul Gates.  Although he was cast to play the Medium, Gates got a little more than he bargained for.  Have a read about what he has to say about his experience filming Haunted.

What was it that attracted you to be part of Haunted?

The film  is based on the hugely successful TV series, Haunted, and what attracted me to the project was the freedom I had as an actor to improvise as the situation dictated.  My brief was first and foremost to convince our ‘wannabee investigators’ that I was indeed a real life medium and then once I had their trust to create situations where ghosts may appear.

Was there any part when filming where you were scared?

What was particularly frightening is that real ghosts actually appeared; in fact when my character falls to his knees claiming he’s being possessed by someone, that is actually happening and not me acting!  It took me days to recover from that experience where I actually had to visit ‘another’ medium for advice!

Did you believe in ghosts before you were involved in Haunted and what is your view after filming?

I personally believed in the afterlife even before this experience.  When I was a teenager I and some other friends had the terrifying experience of an Ouija board.  All lights flickered on and off and the glass suddenly flew off the table narrowly missing a spectator’s head!  As the glass broke, we all concurred there was some strange color!

This definitely makes Haunted a lot more spooky! We’d like to thank Jon-Paul for filling us in on some of the chilling circumstances which happened during filming, I for one know I won’t sleep tonight!  If you are brave enough, take a look at the trailer for Haunted and watch the full film at IndieReign for just $3.99, and if you’ve had any similar experiences, post them below – we’d love to read about your freaky tales!

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