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Writer and Director, Carlton Sugarman, talks to IndieReign about his upcoming feature-length film, The Amateur, and how you can help get this film made.

The Amateur is a feature-length, naturalistic musical about the artistic journey and lifestyle of a thirty-something musician in contemporary Los Angeles.

We love to find out about upcoming films so that we can stay up-to-date with the cast and crew throughout  filmmaking, right up until the film is ready to be released.  We have been keeping a close eye on this little gem and you definitely should too!  The Amateur team have been rallying up the troops and have turned to crowdfunding to help get this great indie film made.  With just 21 days left to reach their goal, take a look at the campaign and if you’re feeling extra generous, throw a bit of coin their way.

We were eager to catch up with the writer and director of The Amateur, Carlton Sugarman, to find out more about this film and share some of his tips for other filmmakers.  Take a look at what he had to say…

Where did the concept for The Amateur come from?The Amateur indie film IndieReign

Writing about what I know.  I was on a six week road trip through Mexico and stopped in San Miguel de Allende for a couple nights.  We stayed with an architect there who had been on the tail end of the beat movement and then moved to San Francisco to join the psychedelic/Merry Prankster movement.  I immediately began bombarding him with questions about all of my literary and artistic heroes of those eras, and as the night progressed I asked him what all of those people had in common.  His answer resonated, “the one thing that all of the people you’re asking me about shared, is that they never gave up.  There were many more talented artists in the group, but for whatever reason they gave up on art.” It reminded me of my circle of friends in Los Angeles, and how many talented artists I know.  Who will be remembered?  The Amateur started off as a story about one who gave up (hence, the title) but then morphed into a story about the all sacrificing commitment to art and the challenges of its’ accompanying consequences.

What were the biggest challenges you faced while making The Amateur?

The biggest challenges that we faced were undoubtedly money and time.

How did you overcome that?

Begging and organization.

How did you find and cast The Amateur’s actors?

Friends and every casting cite available.

What kind of audience do you think will enjoy The Amateur the most?

Young adults, music lovers, and people curious about a creative lifestyle.

Based on your experience, what are three bits of advice you would give to new filmmakers wanting to make their own movies?

1.  Keep your budget in mind when creating your story.

2.  Work out as much of your story, on paper and visually, as you can before you start shooting.

3.  Be organized, and learn as much as you can about the current state of distribution.

When should we expect to see The Amateur finished?

By the end of this year.

Bonus question!  If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead who would it be and why?

Such an unfair question.  Since this is about film – The Coen Brothers.  Cause there is no one better.

After all that talk I bet you’re eager to see the trailer for The Amateur!  Here it is folks….

If you want to see The Amateur get made as much as we do, check out their crowdfunding campaign and help to get this film made!

You can also find The Amateur on Facebook and Twitter.

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