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We don't always write posts about movies, but when we do, it's because they're epic. 'Keep On', the latest short to premiere on IndieReign, is just that. When you see Keep On, you'd never guess it was made on a budget of just $10.64. You'd never think...

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Adi Shankar filmmaker director spotlight interview IndieReign

Adi Shankar is a young producer who is building a name for himself in the entertainment community, working with some of Hollywood's biggest box office stars such as Liam Neeson, Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe. At just the age of 28, Adi...

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IndieReign guest blogger, Nathan Ives, First Pass, It's Not You, It's Me director

"Nathan Ives, the director of It's Not You, It's Me, is here on IndieReign to provide filmmakers and film fans alike, with an inside insight to his latest adventure - taking his film on tour, old-school band styles. During his new monthly piece, IndieRoad, we'll hear about his progress,...