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Female Filmmaker from Hamilton New Zealand talks to IndieReign about her Sci-Fi film Shepherd 2154

Local filmmaker, Julia Reynolds, is an amazing champion for female filmmakers everywhere, a sci-fi master, award winning director, and now attempting her hand at crowdfunding, we thought we'd like to have a catch up... Julia Reynolds has a Masters in Moving Image and has been producing and directing short films...

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Troy McGatlin IndieReign indie films

Director, Troy McGatlin chats to us about his three independent films on IndieReign and his experiences as a filmmaker. Troy McGatlin is the familiar face behind a whopping three films on IndieReign; Broken Fences, Old Coaches and Head Hunters.  McGatlin has had some great...

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Aaron Yap, Why Indies Need Critics on IndieWatch

Introducing Aaron Yap, a new IndieReign contributor with a passion for film and a love for indie cinema. Aaron will be taking us on a journey once a month with Indie Watch articles about indie films and filmmakers, old and new, good and bad. Welcome to IndieWatch #1: Why Indies...

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The Amateur IndieReign indie films

Writer and Director, Carlton Sugarman, talks to IndieReign about his upcoming feature-length film, The Amateur, and how you can help get this film made. The Amateur is a feature-length, naturalistic musical about the artistic journey and lifestyle of a thirty-something musician in contemporary Los Angeles. We love to find out about...

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Jon-Paul Gates Haunted indie films

It's Halloween and what better way to find out more about one of our spookiest films on IndieReign, Haunted. British director, Steven M.Smith’s reality-TV horror film takes the audience into the most haunted place in the world, filming a paranormal investigation and obtaining evidence that proves we are not alone. We wanted to...

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Swaroop Kanchi IndieReign indie films Bengaloored

Director, Swaroop Kanchi chats to IndieReign about his feature length film, Bengaloored and his experiences as a filmmaker. Swaroop Kanchi is an influential, Bangalore-based, independent filmmaker who has been making films since he was sixteen years old. Kanchi has had a wide range of experience as a self-taught filmmaker, working both independently and...

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The North Pole Deception Spotlight Joe Hitchcock

Filmmaker, Joe Hitchcock talks to IndieReign about his animated film The North Pole Deception, his experiences as a filmmaker and also his upcoming independent film, Penny Black. You may recognize Joe from his quirky, short film The North Pole Deception on IndieReign.  Joe has some great advice to share...