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You may remember hearing about Will Martin from the Indiegogo project we backed last month Roughrider 2: Los Angeles Rising.  We are super excited to see Roughrider 2: Los Angeles Rising once it is finished but in the mean time, we are lucky enough to have...

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Sometimes with crowdfunding, you don't always get as much as you ask for, but sometimes, your film can turn out just as good with a bit of creativity an ingenuity! A little while ago we interviewed Chuck Parello about his crowdfunding efforts for Dr. 420 - check out his answers...

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IndieReign, Center Stage Spotlight

Here at IndieReign, we love bringing as much attention to independent films and filmmakers as we can, and that’s why we’ve created the IndieReign Centre Stage Spotlight! For our first ever Spotlight, we are talking to the actor and filmmaker, Barry Duffield, best known...