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Mississippi Madam wins IndieReign's Project of the Week

This is it, Mississippi Madam is the final Project of the Week Winner of 2013!

“The true story of the woman who operated a brothel in deep south Natchez, Mississippi for nearly 60 years with a clenched fist, a heart of gold, and a Cadillac.”

The team behind Mississippi Madam have been researching Nellie Jackson for years, and have uncovered stories, facts and records from the Natchez community that they say has ”made our jaws drop, warmed our hearts, bewildered us, made us cry, and led us into a journey that we never expected when we began”.

Mississippi Madam is the story of Nellie Jackson, a black woman born into poverty in 1902 in a small community 36 miles  south of Natchez, who became to be one of the most powerful people in Natchez history. Nellie rose up from being a housekeeper to running a very successful business, a bordello named “Nellie’s”, which operated just three blocks from central downtown during the most crucial time of racial discrimination.

“If you wanted a girl at Nellie Jackson’s place, you arrived before midnight and you arrived sober.” – The Houston Chronicle

The Mississippi Madam filmmakers were tweeting, Facebooking, and generally interneting all last week, and rallied up a ton of votes for the Project of the Week competition, which earned them a well deserved win last week, and we couldn’t be happier!

The Mississippi Madam project has just 5 days left on its Indiegogo campaign, so if you want to learn more about the history behind Nellie’s, like, follow, share, and support this project! We want to see this film made, do you?

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