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IndieReign's Crowdfunding project of the Week winner

Kaleidoscope Man is IndieReign’s latest Project of the Week Winner! Simon Cox’s indie sci-fi feature is going to be epic! Will you be a part of it?

Simon Cox is no stranger to IndieReign’s Project of the Week Competition, and has won yet again with his new Indiegogo project, Kaleidoscope Man: Phase 3.

After 11 years of slowly chipping away and perfecting the script, Cox was finally ready to show Kaleidoscope Man to the world, however after years of chasing false leads and getting nowhere, Cox found traditional funding was not an option for him. That’s when he discovered crowdfunding, and the beauty of audience involvement in filmmaking.

If you loved Star Trek, Six Million Dollar Man, Dr Who, and Star Wars, you’re bound to love Kaleidoscope Man, and now on Indiegogo, you can be a part of the film with perks such as being Screened by Aliens, being Abducted by Aliens, and being Blasted by Aliens in the film! Click here to find out more.

After the death of his baby daughter, Thomas Dun is a man who’s confidence is shattered. But all is not lost; he wakes to discover that Mandy, his loving wife is finally pregnant again. At last they have a chance to move away from the tragedy of the past… But on his way to his job as a doctor at a care centre for people with mental health issues, Tom has a horrific vision; fire, destruction and the end of the Earth…


If you want to find out more about Kaleidoscope Man, see some sweet concept art, watch more videos, or even be in the film, check the project out on Indiegogo, and find them on Facebook and Twitter:

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Kaleidoscope Man won Project of the Week 37 by an incredibly close 71 votes! Alice in the Attic fought hard and came a close second place, so we thought they were worth a pretty honourable mention.

If you think your Indiegogo project is worthy, you can submit it for IndieReign’s Project of the Week competition here.

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