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DVD Review Ancient Aliens Season 4 IndieReign

DVD Review – Ancient Aliens Season 4

DVD Review Ancient Aliens Season 4 IndieReign

Ancient Aliens is a History Channel series, and right up there with my favorite shows to watch, because I see myself as a bit of a UFO and conspiracy buff, which this show combines to great effect. Not to say I take everything that is said in the show as fact, as it’s more just learning about other ways of thinking, and boy do some of the theories put across in this show define the term ‘different way of thinking’.

In the episode called Aliens And Dinosaurs, they talk about the various references throughout history, and from varying cultures separated by great distance, that not only talk about large dinosaur like creatures walking amongst them, but drawing anatomically correct depictions of said creatures. Even in modern science we didn’t know about most of these creatures till the last 100-150 years, so for the ancients to have had any idea about them is at the very least intriguing.

In the episode called The Time Travelers, they talk about the idea UFOs and Aliens are just our ancestors coming back from the future to guide us along our path. It talks about the Nazi ‘Bell’ experiment, and how that was potentially an attempt by the Nazis to time travel to win WW2, right through to examples of where interactions with said Alien beings more felt like dealing with future selves rather than Aliens from far-flung galaxies.

DVD Review Ancient Aliens Season 4 IndieReignEven Leonardo gets a look in with the episode The Da Vinci Conspiracy, where they look into the fact humans have had ‘special’ people through the ages who have advanced us along, with Da Vinci being one of the most important ones. The theories range from him coming from another time or place, or having been taken away and imparted with knowledge from beings from either our future, or from somewhere else, out there.

Over the seasons of this series, and yes, I’ve watched and reviewed them all, the show has started to move away from just the concept of Ancient Aliens, and I think that’s a good thing, as it now makes the series a more general UFO and Alien show. But they also go into more modern day subjects, as well as more ‘out there’ concepts, with an episode on modern day NASA for the former, as well as the latter being represented by an episode about Bigfoot possibly being an alien hybrid inter-dimensional being. Told you some of the ideas are ‘out there’.

The series rounds itself out with episodes on The Mystery Of Puma Punku, Aliens And Mega-Disasters, The Greys, The Mayan Conspiracy, and The Doomsday Prophecies. So with such a diverse range of subjects, all within the scope of UFOs and Aliens, makes this another good series, and as I said after reviewing season 1, 2, and 3, I can’t wait for the next one!


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