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Frozen Marbles, a short film that will stay with you long after you’ve left the theatre, has just won Project of the Week!

Frozen Marbles is a great new short film campaigning on Indiegogo, by director David Lester, mega fan of Pearl Jam, and starring Jessica Rose, whose all time favorite band is The Beetles. I can get behind that.

The whole team putting this film together are passionate about movies, and they are certain that the talent they all possess will come together with Frozen Marbles and make the world a better place. “We have a story worth telling — a story about the tensions, connections, and rituals that make up the life of a family.  It’s a story with the potential to mean something to many people”…

It’s the fifth anniversary of their mother’s death, and Jade & Maya are doing what they do every year: get together in Jade’s apartment and stay there, awake, until the sun comes up. In the past, they’ve made it through the 24-hour ritual together, but this year is different.  At the 11th hour, five years of building tension bursts and the deep differences between the sisters are revealed.

Making movies is expensive, so if you want to help Frozen Marbles, or be a part of this journey, there is just three days left on Indiegogo, and the team is still just over their half way mark for fundraising, so share, share share! Sharing is caring after all.

Furthermore, if Frozen Marbles is financially successful, the team swear that they will take what they make, dollar for dollar, and donate it to other independent filmmakers looking to raise funds for their film. They are paying it forward, so why not invest?

Here are some of the cute pictures Frozen Marbles posted on their Indiegogo page about last week’s Project of the Week competition, these cute babies must be the reason this team won for sure! Congrats Frozen Marbles!

boy holding Frozen Marbles sign      Babies holding cute signs

This is Dave and Jess, we think you should meet these two lovable chaps:

Connecting Frozen Marbles:

(you can find them here)

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Frozen Marbles won Project of the Week, and with that $100 for their project, as well as this awesome blog post. If you want that, submit your indiegogo film project here!

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