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Gowtham Shravan Kumar, Ditch Please, IndieReign, indie film

Bangalore-based, Gowtham Shravan Kumar, is a well seasoned filmmaker, both  in the independent scene, and in the Indian television industry. After recent success of the premiere of his new film, Ditch Please, we jumped at the opportunity to talk with him about the film described as “36 minutes of good fun”.

Gowtham Shravan Kumar, IndieReign Filmmaker Spotlight, Ditch Please

Where did the concept for Ditch Please come from?

I have this habit of remembering almost everything I see or listen. Ditch Please is a result of a combination of my own life experience and the love stories that I have witnessed.  I strongly felt the need of telling this story in the age where relationship trends are fast changing.

What were some challenges that you faced when making Ditch Please and how did you overcome them?

We were never sure of the return on investment.  The short film business in India is not as big as feature film business.  So we had to carefully spend without compromising on quality.  Luckily for us, every cast and crew, the equipment and the services came for goodwill that I have built during my 3.5 years of career.  All of us have day jobs.  So the production happened only on weekends.  It was tough to manage but somehow, with the support of all the cast and crew we made it.

Is there anything about Ditch Please which makes it unique?

It is one of the few Hindi independent films made in Bangalore.  Ditch Please is also one of the few Indian short films which has biking and a road trip.  Also, the film does not feature motorcycle stunts or superbikes in the name of biking.

What was it that fed your passion for film?

Making film itself is a strong passion for me.  So is my motorcycle.  I used to own the motorcycle shown in the film (it got stolen last month).  I was so thrilled by the idea of keeping my machine as one of the central character of the film.  Apart from that, the story is unique and delivers a beautiful message which many people are not aware.

Based on your experience, what are three bits of advice you would give to new filmmakers wanting to make their own movies?

1.  Be very honest with the film.

2.  Treat your cast and crew with full respect.

3.  Be thankful to your audience.


Take a look at the trailer and click here to watch Ditch Please for as little as $1.00.

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