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How much would you pay to rent a film online? IndieReign

[polldaddy poll=7387005]Hello film lovers, we would like to have a moment of your time to ask you a short and sweet question:

How much would you pay to rent an indie film online?

By answering this question, you will be helping us out a great deal and we will be extremely grateful for your participation.

Fill us in on how much you think is a reasonable price to pay to rent an indie film online so that we can inform filmmakers to make better decisions about how much they should be charging.  This way, filmmakers get more sales and all you film junkies out there will be paying a fair price to get your film-watching fix!

Thank you for voting, film champs! You’re helping independent filmmakers and film fans everywhere in doing so. Why not share the love and get your pals to vote as well? We’ll love you even more for it!


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  1. I like the question and think it’s important…perhaps it would be good to ask those who aren’t film making and hoping to sell their films? We may be a tad biased :)

    • Hehe thanks Kylie! We think this is really important as well, and I’m soon going to craft an article to filmmakers and pricing their rentals for online sales. Thanks so much for your in put, perhaps you could post the article around? We will give it another round of promotion as well to try and get all our film fans!

      P.S. You’re a filmmaker? Would love to check them out, let me know some titles so I can have a looksie :) thank you!

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