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Why Filmmakers Should Distribute on IndieReign

What is IndieReign? 

IndieReign is striving to revolutionize independent cinema. It is an independent film marketplace made specifically for indie filmmakers and film-lovers. The online platform enables filmmakers to sell content directly to fans and the IndieReign community, whether those are shorts, feature films, or web-series. The website is also the new home for indie film lovers, and members can discover, watch, and share great indie content from around the globe, and the best part? It’s absolutely free.

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The Background:

IndieReign was created as a new and innovative service for filmmakers to distribute their content, as a way to combat the injustices that are faced when you make something great, but big Hollywood studios and distribution companies tell you it’s not good enough. 50,000 independent films are created every year, sadly, only 1% of these films gain a distribution deal. But this model is broken, and IndieReign is doing something about it, welcome to the revolution. 

Why IndieReign?

When you upload your videos onto IndieReign, you retain full control and rights over everything, the only thing you’re doing is giving us the right to distribute and sell the film on your behalf. The beauty of selling your material on IndieReign is that you get to set the purchase and rental prices, and you can change them at any time! IndieReign is completely free to use, just a small 30% of the sales from distribution goes towards the business, this is the smallest viable amount for IndieReign to make enough money to keep going, the benefit here, is that you will get paid 70% of each sale, straight away.purchase Filmmakers are paid in real-time through PayPal, which charges only 3% per transaction; so when each sale is made, the money goes into your bank account instantly.  Geoblocking on IndieReignIf you’re worried about limiting your distribution, don’t be, IndieReign is non-exclusive, so you can, and should, sell your film anywhere, and every where possible. This is all about benefiting filmmakers, and keeping the industry alive, so make the most profit you’re able to, at every opportunity. However, if you need to be more specific about where you sell your film, according to rights etc, IndieReign‘s ‘Geoblocking’ feature allows you to control exactly where your film is seen. For example: if you sell the VOD rights into Austria, you can simply un-tick a box and your film is now hidden from anyone in that area, but is still selling to the rest of the world. Maximizing your sales is the most important thing to do if you want to make some return from your filmmaking endeavors, and fund your future features, so IndieReign have created a really easy way for people to buy directly from you. buy inside the video playerThe most crucial, and the best time to sell your film to somebody is directly after they’ve seen the trailer. With IndieReign’s customized video player, ‘buy’ buttons are displayed at all times, as well as sharing and embedding options. This makes the direct purchase step so straight forward it boosts the sales of your film, and it means that the people watching your trailer don’t have to search for it on IndieReign, they can play and purchase it anywhere it’s embedded or shared.

How do I make sales? 

There are three very simple steps to initiating your sales explosion on IndieReign. Step 1) Add Cast and Crew:  The first place to start after you’ve uploaded your film, is adding Cast and Crew. The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough. Your cast and crew are crucial to have displayed on your IndieReign movie page, take IMBD for example, people want this kind of information, and visitors viewing your video on IndieReign will be a little put off if they go to your movie page and only see one person attached to the project. Your cast and crew are also your best sales reps, and can really help push the initial sales and word of mouth about your film.

How directors sell their movies online

Step 2) Get Promoters: IndieReign’s site enables easy online promotion. Once everything is ready to go, and all the information is there, it’s time to reign in some promoters! get promoters on IndieReign “Getting promoters” sounds a bit daunting, but it’s as simple as asking your cast and crew, family members, friends, and any fans you’ve built up (on Facebook, Twitter, a blog, and especially if you used crowdfunding for your movie) to watch and share your trailer over social media. Activity like this is always great to see, and encouraging for people who are looking for something to watch. Film-lovers on IndieReign are far more likely to buy your film if they see there are a lot of people talking about it, and getting your cast and crew, family, friends, and fans involved in this will make a big difference. Step 3) Share Your Film: Share your film with the world on IndieReignAfter you’ve engaged with your cast and crew and gained some promoters, do not forget about you! You’re a filmmaker, you’re influential, and people you know are going to want to see this film you’ve made, so share, share, and share! On all of your social networks, both online and offline! Shameless promotion has no shame, and you’ve got to be confident in that if you want to make a buck.

Getting Technical:

For those of you that want to know even more, IndieReign has some really useful in-depth statistics available for anyone who has uploaded content on the site. Not only can you see real-time reviews, sales, shares, and promoters, but the data on each item extends to statistics that show conversion rates of people going from watching your trailer, to buying, pricing trends, such as how much money people on average are paying for your film (both renting and buying), the sharing statistics, visits, and even what kind of devices people are watching your content on. These statistics are completely free, and are unique to each video you have uploaded.  You can also set date ranges, if you wish, to the stats, and export all the content IndieReign has collected for you.


So what are you waiting for? Sign Up!

There’s no beating around the bush here; if you’re an independent filmmaker and you haven’t already, why not join the revolution? We want to change the way independent cinema works, no more standing around getting pushed out of the market by the big wigs. More and more people are looking to self-distribution through video on demand (VOD), and we’re leading the charge. Unlike video giants YouTube and Vimeo, IndieReign really is there for the little guys, the ‘real indies’, that is why there are no hidden charges, and if you want to talk to us, we’re right here, for anything. This is a system that NEEDS to exist, and with people like you signing up, we are that much closer to empowering independent filmmakers like never before, it’s time for the reign of independent cinema. Use this to your advantage, you’ve got nothing to loose, but the independent film industry has everything.


www.indiereign.com – join the revolution, it’s the reign of independent cinema.

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