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indiereign how to market for film on facebook

How To Market Your Film On Facebook will take you through the whys and hows Facebook should be used when marketing your film. From the basics of setting up a page, to the more in-depth ways it can help spread the word of your film to a wider audience.

How to Market Your Film On Facebook IndieReign
How To Market Your Film On Facebook – Part 4

Doing a paid post promotion

Paid post promotions are a great way to interact with members, encourage comments and allow members to see what you are up to and what’s new. Not only is it an effective way to keep your Facebook page active but also another method of reaching out to a larger audience on Facebook.

how to market your film on facebook indiereignWhen making a paid post promotion, you will come across the option to share the post with people who like the page and also their friends. Therefore, if you have 500 people who like your page, then all of those liker’s friends will also see the post and hence spreading your connections like a spider web.

People, who like your page and their friends, are more likely to see your page and like it if they see that their trusted friend already likes it. If you keep up with these promotions on a regular basis, then the more Facebook users you will reach and the higher the probability of your film and you, the filmmaker, going viral.

Before you are able to do a paid post promotion, you must have at least 400 ‘likes’ on your Facebook page. If you have yet to reach the 400 mark then concentrate more on getting fans perhaps through advertising discussed in part three. If you do have 400 ‘likes’, then follow the steps on how to do a paid post promotion.

1. Go into your Facebook page.

2. Copy and paste your website URL (if you have one) in the ‘Write Something’/ ‘What’s on your mind?’ section of your Facebook page.

3. Choose an image to use that will compliment the post you are about to write.

4. Now that you have the image, you no longer need the link in the ‘Write Something’/ ‘What’s on your mind’ section – this can be deleted.

5. You can now write a comment. Make sure that your comment will engage your fans and reinforce what you are promoting. Make sure that at the end of the post you have a clear call to action e.g. ‘buy the film’, ‘share the page’ etc.

how to market your film on facebook indiereign6. ‘Share’ the post.

7. Click the star icon in the right-hand corner of the post so that the post becomes longer and more eye-catching to your viewers.

8. Click on the ‘Promote’ option.

9. Choose whether you want the promotion to target just those who like your page or those who like your page and their friends. If you choose “people who like your page and their friends” you have the option to pay more and reach more users.

10. Choose how much you want to spend on the promotion. The more that you spend on your promotion the higher the probability of people viewing your post and responding to your call to action will be.

11. Click “Promote your Post”.

Note: Make sure that you take note of the date that you posted the promotion along with who was targeted, the text, and image that you used, and how much you paid for the promotion. It is important to track this information so that after your promotion has finished, you can learn what worked and what didn’t so that you are not wasting money on a campaign that was not successful.


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