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How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReign

How To Market Your Film On Twitter will take you through the whys and hows Twitter should be used when marketing your film. From the basics of setting up an account, to the more in-depth ways it can help spread the word of your film to a wider audience.

Before we lay the groundwork though, let me first touch on why social media in general is so important for independent filmmakers. Something has always been clear, and that is independent films and filmmakers are always on the back foot when competing with the mainstream industry, from the star power both behind and in front of the camera, to their massive marketing budgets. The latter being important for what I’ve got to say about social media.

Without a decent marketing budget, and often no marketing budget at all as most indie films have, you have to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to promoting and marketing your film. Which is why social media, and your very own blood, sweat, and tears, is the key. As an independent filmmaker, you’re the driving force behind your project, so let’s get to how you can start using your own power to help control the destiny of your filmic masterpiece.How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReign

How To Market Your Film On Twitter – Part 1

So let’s get the ball rolling with the absolute basics, and that is setting up an account on Twitter. Sure, this may be simple for most people, and if so, feel free to skip to Part 2 of this guide, but for others, this should help with understanding the basics.

Creating An Account

Step 1: Go to Twitter, and if you don’t already have an account, you’ll land on their home page.

Step 2: Put in your Full Name, E-mail, and Password, and then click on the yellow button, Sign Up For Twitter.

How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReignStep 3: Pick a Username. Twitter will let you know what is, or isn’t, available, and if your creativity is waning, it will even give you some random options to choose from. This will be one of your core communication points, so make sure the Username represents the right message or thing you are promoting, be it you, or your film.

Step 4: Double check all the information you’ve put in, as it’s always worth doing this.

Step 5: Click on the button Create My Account, and you’re good to go! Though there is always a chance you might need to type in a security question to prove you have blood running through those veins, and that you’re not a computer programme creating fake accounts.

Step 6: You’ll be sent an e-mail to confirm your address, and it’s worth doing this before moving onto your Twitter account.

Step 7: Once you’re on your Account homepage, near the top right is a Cog symbol, which you need to click on. The first option is Edit Profile, and click on that.

Step 8: Add a Photo, and once again put some thought it this, as this image will be used every single time you send a Tweet.

Step 9: Add a Header, and like with your Photo image, put thought into this, as this will be one of the key images someone will see when they come to your Twitter page.

Step 10: Put in your Location, Website, and Bio information. If you’re promoting a film, or production company, than either put the tagline or mission statement here.

Note: If you ever need to edit your e-mail address or Username, which you should try never to have to do, or maybe only ever do it once, than on your Account page, click on the Cog symbol. Click on the Settings option, and in the next window, at the top, you’ll be given the option to update both of these things, and once done, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Keep In Mind

How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReignYour Username will be used a lot, for both connecting to people directly, as well as being used when people try to connect with you. So really do put some thought into it. It must also be fewer than 15 characters, and can’t contain the words Admin or Twitter. You can change this as often as you want, but because you’re trying to build a brand for you or your film, means you don’t want to confuse people, so refrain from doing this as much as possible.

When you do want to connect with someone, inside the message box, write @Username, and your message will go directly to his or her Twitter account, and vice versa. Your Username will also be the unique URL on Twitter, so for example www.Twitter.com/Username, and this makes both finding your page and telling others about it much easier.

Only one e-mail address can be connected to any Twitter account at a time, so make sure you pick wisely what account you wish to link with your Twitter page. This is why we at IndieReign suggest not having social media accounts for every single thing you do, as it easily becomes unmanageable over a long career and many films.

If people are going to follow you, you’ll need to follow others as well. So follow some people or products right away by either using the Who To Follow window screen on the left hand side of your Home Page, or by typing into the Search bar near the top right. You can Unfollow them at any time, but doing this step now is always handy, not to mention you can now catch up with what they are Tweeting, as this will appear on your Twitter Feed.

Check out Part 2 of the guide here!


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  1. I would also recommend having your cast talking about the film on their own twitter accounts during filming and what not. Use any celebrity you have to bring attention in every medium you have available. Good article.

    • Hey Jim, I fully agree, and I look forward to touching on those issues in later articles, as cast & crew are a massive part of the promotion of indie film! :)

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