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How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReign

How To Market Your Film On Twitter will take you through the whys and hows Twitter should be used when marketing your film. From the basics of setting up an account, to the more in-depth ways it can help spread the word of your film to a wider audience.How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReign

How To Market Your Film On Twitter – Part 2

Your First Tweet – The Basics

First of all, ill touch on the basics of Tweeting, as getting the simple things right, first time, always alleviates the learning curve later on. Plus it means you can use these skills from your first Tweet onwards.

Step 1: Make sure you’re logged in, and on your Account home page.

Step 2: At the top right hand corner of the screen, you’ll see a blue button, which looks like an old school feather pen. Click it.

Step 3: The message box opens, and this is where you type your message. Remember you only get a maximum of 140 characters to do this. The short length means you need to be both creative and picky with what you write. Try not to use abbreviated ‘text’ speak to save space, as you want your message to be readable by a wide audience.

UzN such abbreviations cn coz som readers 2 git confused bout wot you’re saying, & ther iz evN studEz 2 sugest it takes ppl longer 2 rED abbreviated txt thN normL txt. See what I mean. But if you really need those few extra characters for something important, there’s no harm in using Sat for Saturday, as an example.

Step 4: If you want to direct this message towards someone, or a group, find out their Twitter Username, and put @Username in the message text. This will of course use up precious characters, so try to limit the number of people you are targeting with each message. For example you might say, ‘Hey @IndieReign, we just started making our next film!’

Step 5: If you want to create a subject that you hope people will search for, or join the conversation about another subject, use # to do this, though remember that spaces don’t need to be used. For example, you might write, ‘We’ve just started #filming our next project, #SharkHorse!’

How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReign

Step 6: This can all be combined of course in one message, for example, ‘Hey @IndieReign, we just started #filming our next project, #SharkHorse!’

Step 7: You can attach images to every Tweet if you want to, with the camera icon on the bottom left of the message window, and this can be very useful, as engagement rises significantly when images are used.

Step 8: Next to the camera icon is the location icon, which looks like a map pin. Use this if you want people to know where you are when sending this Tweet. This is great if you’re own location and want everyone to know where you’re filming right now.

Step 9: Click the Tweet button on the right hand side of the message box, and it’s posted!

Step 10: You’ll now see the Tweet on your timeline! If you want to see all the information with regards to this Tweet, click the Expand button just below it.

Step 11: If someone replies to this Tweet, you’ll see it here. It will then give you the option of replying to their message. But even if you would like to add more information to this Tweet, rather than writing a new one, you can click on the Reply button. You can also use the Reply button when on other users Home Pages to talk about a specific Tweet of theirs.

Step 12: If for some reason you wish to delete this Tweet, the option is there to do so with the Delete button.

Step 13: You can favourite Tweets in general, but it’s advisable not to do this to your own Tweet, as it would be like giving yourself a digital ‘high 5’. But you can do this for other Users Tweets that you really like.

Step 14: The More button gives you the option of sending this Tweet via e-mail, or giving you an Embed code, which can be placed into Blogs, E-mails, or anywhere else on the web that allows embedding.

Step 15: One last thing you can do is, that when on another users Home Page, and you’re reading their Tweets and see one you like, you can Retweet it. This effectively sends the same message to all your followers, and also let’s the users know you Retweeted it. This can be found when hovering on the Tweet itself, and the Retweet button will appear between the Reply and Favourite buttons.

Note: Like with anything, don’t spam, and with Twitter, that can be done in many different ways. Replying to too many Tweets from one user, clicking Favourite on too many Tweets, Retweeting everything, or directing lots of @Username messages to the same user, does create a ‘paper trail’ that other users can see, and that isn’t a good look. So just be careful with how you use all the Twitter tools.

Your First Tweet – What To Say

How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReignIt can often be hard to know what to say with your first ever post on a new social media platform, let alone the trouble some people have with every post they ever put up. But I feel there’s always one rule to live by when launching a new site, and that is just saying hello and thankyou to all your current and future followers.

This first Tweet will of course disappear from sight soon enough, but it will be viewed for a time, and any new people checking out your Home Page will see it. So making it warm and welcoming is a good way to set the tone from that point onwards.

After that, keep up a good balance of different types of Tweets, from ones relevant about what you’re promoting, be it you as a filmmaker, or your films, or Tweets that are just fun in nature. Make sure you send some that are directed at other Users you’d like to connect with by using the @, and get amongst the conversations by using # so that your Tweets will be found within these subject searches, as well maybe even creating a unique # that starts Trending, but more on that later.

Just remember the Social Media Marketing 101 rule, 80% fun posts, and 20% directed posts about what it is exactly you’re promoting. If you keep to this rough guide, it’ll make it even easier figuring out what to write about next.

For example, if you’re writing about your new horror film, why not put up some posts over the week about the Top 10 Horror Films Of All Time, your thoughts on Horror Film Bad Guys, what outfit you’re hoping to dress in at Halloween this year, and a picture of your cat, just for good measure.

Then, on the 5th day, and to make up that 20% ratio, put up a Tweet directly about your film and how you’re looking to get the word out to promote it. People are much more likely to help get the word out about your film if you’ve greased their wheels with a majority of fun Tweets along the way.

Check out Part 3 of the guide here!

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