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How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReign

How To Market Your Film On Twitter will take you through the whys and hows Twitter should be used when marketing your film. From the basics of setting up an account, to the more in-depth ways it can help spread the word of your film to a wider audience.How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReign

How To Market Your Film On Twitter – Part 3

Designing Your Page

Now that you’ve set up your page, updated your profile information, sent your first Tweet, and learnt the basics, it’s time to turn your page into a more personalized design to better represent you or your film.

How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReignStep 1: On your homepage, click on the Cog button at the top right hand of your screen, and then click on Settings.

Step 2: On the left hand side of the screen, you’ll see a list with Account at the top. Go down to Design and click on that.

Step 3: If you’re not looking to put up your own design, than there are premade themes to chose from. Pick the one you like, and then click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: If you want to be a little more hands on with the design and look of your Twitter page, than instead of picking a premade theme, go a little bit further down the screen to the Customize Your Own section, where you’ll see the button Change Background. Click on that, and then click on Choose Existing Image, and find the image you’d like to have as your background. If you have yet to design this, go to Step 5, if you’ve already designed it, double click on the desired image file, and move to Step 10.

Step 5: First of all, you need to design the background you want to put up, and this should be consistent with the ‘brand’ you’re trying to promote, and again this could either be for a film, your production company, or for yourself as a filmmaker, so put some thought into that.

Step 6: Take into account the image you upload can either be tiled over and over again, or one big image that covers the whole screen. Either way, the whole middle section of Twitter is covered by your Newsfeed and other information, so the only place where the actual design will be seen are on the left and right hand margins. Try and design the image with it being centered, as you’re given the option after locking in your image to pick Left, Right, or Centre justified.

Roughly speaking, 85% of current Twitter users will see 194px (pixels) either side of the information in the center, and this is because they are using a 1280px wide resolution. Because of this, we suggest using dimensions of 1920x1080px for your main image, but the main thing is to try a few different versions, and make sure it looks good on your computer.

Step 7: Save all your images as .PNG files, and make sure you have half a dozen variations of varying sizes and resolutions, so that you can test a whole host of them in quick succession.

Step 8: Go back to the Customize Your Own section, click on the Change Background button, and then click on Choose Existing Image. Pick your first image, and then click Save Changes.

Step 9: Go back to you home page, and see what it looks like. Repeat Step 8 with your other images, and find out which one works best. If none of them do, refine the image, and try again. If you’re happy with one of them, than leave it and head back to the Customize Your Own section.

Step 10: Background Color, Link Color, and Overlay, should all be tested with your own design, or premade design, and it’s entirely up to you if you use them or not. If done right though, these options can work in nicely with your design choice, and help put the finishing touches on it. Just test everything to see what does or doesn’t work.

Step 11: Once you’re happy with everything, click Save Changes, and head back to your home page.

Note: If you are promoting yourself as a filmmaker, or your production company, rather than a film, you can always update this image and design to represent your most current project. This stops you having to create different accounts for every project you make, and centralizes your fan base on one main account. Plus this updating of the image from time to time will make things feel nice and fresh for people who go to your homepage often.

Build Your Audience

How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReignTwitter is one of the largest social-networking sites in the world, and depending on whom you talk to, and how you read the numbers, it currently ranks 4th, behind, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube, with over 200 million active users. Active being the key word, as at a glance, most social networking sites have nearly double the number of users on their site than active users, as often these empty profiles are either fake, or long abandoned ones.

With this in mind, it is one of the perfect places for filmmakers to gather an audience and promote their films to supporters. The first step after creating a Twitter fan page is to share that page with your friends, family, cast, crew and the fans that you already have, as they will always be your number one supporters, so don’t be shy to ask them for help – just be sure to give them an autograph or two later on if you make the big time!

Your close connections will begin to share your page and before you know it, your fans and connections will continue to grow. If you still feel that your page needs more exposure and have exhausted all your close connections, remember to share the fact you’ve got a Twitter page on your other social media platforms. Often you can find a great upswing of new members when you share this fact across multiple platforms.

Keep in mind that there is far more value in a highly engaged and targeted audience, than thousands of random people who don’t really care. Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on vanity metrics such as the number of followers and fans; make sure that those followers and fans have an interest in your film, or you, and what you stand for.

On Twitter, you want to be seen as influential, meaning you want to have more people follow you than you follow, but at the beginning, if someone new follows you, why not check their account out, and maybe follow them as well. This instantly creates a better connection between the two of you, and suddenly you may have an active user and fan, rather than just an empty follower.

When connecting with people who follow you, why not follow them back, say hi and thank them for joining your page, and just interact where you can. You obviously can’t connect with every single person, especially if your numbers grow, but that’s where Tweets can be handy, as you can use it as a sort of bulk message to all your fans, or groups of them.

Building Your Audience 101 though, is to use and share your Twitter username as much as you can, from business cards, e-mail signatures, or on info pages wherever you, your film, or Production Company is mentioned. Making it easy for people to find, and connect with you, is a sure fire way of building quick and consistent growth on Twitter.

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