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How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReign

How To Market Your Film On Twitter will take you through the whys and hows Twitter should be used when marketing your film. From the basics of setting up an account, to the more in-depth ways it can help spread the word of your film to a wider audience.How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReign

How To Market Your Film On Twitter – Part 4

Twitter Ads

How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReignSo you’ve created your Twitter account, got it looking just right for your brand or product you’re promoting, be it your film, Production Company, or yourself as a filmmaker, and have got all your friends, family, cast, crew, and fans to follow you. Now what? Well, if you’re still struggling to pick up traction on your site, you can spend some money and give Twitter ads a try.

With Twitter ads, you can get your account, and individual Tweets, in front of more people, and you can target them so specifically that these will most likely be engaged users, rather than empty followers. Twitter has two different types of ads, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Tweets, and they also have a great Analytics system allowing you to track every dollar spent and the campaigns success.

These ads allow you to pick a location you’d like to advertise to, be it locally, nationally, or somewhere around the world, or a mixture. You can also target the interests of people, so directly targeting film lovers is possible, or why not fans of horror to help promote your Zombie film.

There is a cost involved in all of this of course, and for some indie filmmakers, you might think it’s not worth spending the money on ads. But always remember, the fans you build now might be with you for the rest of your career, so spending money now to find fans could pay dividends in years to come. Not to mention that with Twitter ads you only pay for actual results, be it new followers, retweets, favorites, replies, or if they click on a link you’re promoting, let’s say to your website or where people can buy or rent your film, like on IndieReign.

Promoted Accounts

How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReignPromoted Accounts is exactly as the name implies, it’s where you directly promote your account to new users, and with an aim to get new members to follow your account. With every new member who follows you, you’ve grown not only your user base, making your account look like one others want to follow, but you’ve increased your base of people you can directly promote your films to.

When you place an ad to promote your account, your account will appear in the Who To Follow section of the Twitter homepage, which you’ll find on the left hand side of the screen. It will display your Avatar image, the full name of the page, and the @ name of the page. It will also display the fact it’s a promoted post, but as you’re only paying per person who actually follows you, you’ll only be getting and paying for followers who accept that fact.

You of course can fine-tune these ads so that they only appear in users Who To Follow feed that are likely to like your product, and you do this by choosing options such as where they live, their interests, gender, and even what device they are using, ie Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer.

Promoted Tweets

How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReignOnce again, it’s all in the name, and Promoted Tweets is exactly as it sounds, it’s where you directly promote Tweets you’ve posted. A normal Tweet only goes to your current followers, or if you’ve used @, it will go to a specific person, or a #, it will go to people searching that specific subject. Promoted Tweets on the other hand get sent out to users who may find them interesting, even if they have never followed your page.

Just like with Promoted Account ads, you can target these Promoted Tweets to location, interests, genre, and device. You can also do keyword targeting, so let’s say you use Zombie and Film as keywords, and then your Promoted Tweet can target users who have used the keywords Zombie, or Film, in their recent posts. They didn’t even need to # them, as simply using the words in their own Tweets is enough to have them as a possible target for your ad.

You also only pay when you actually get results from these Tweets, as in getting retweets, favorites, replies, or if they click on a link you’re promoting within the Tweet. If you don’t get any interaction with the Tweet, then you pay nothing. This means you can easily do many different keyword and ad experiments at no risk, because if they don’t work, you pay nothing. If they do work, there will be a cost, but you’ll also be getting exactly what you were after, user interaction with your brand and your messages.


How To Market Your Film On Twitter IndieReignTwitter also offers you in-depth analytic data tracking for all your ads, and in real time. They will track the number of new followers, impressions, clicks, and click rates, and represent them all in graph and text form, making it easy to visually see how everything is going.

This kind of data is great for updating and changing future ad campaigns, because learning from past mistakes, and successes, is one of the keys to marketing, and it can both save massive amounts of time, and also increases the effectiveness of promoting your films.

So there you go, and if you want to get started today on Twitter ads to help promote your account, and spread the word about your film, your production company, or yourself as a filmmaker, than head along to this link and get started today! And remember; give a shout out to @indiereign, as we might just help promote you to the world!


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