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Disney continues to keep a tight reign on the secrecy of their project Tomorrowland, but what we do know is Hugh Laurie is now also cast in the film…

Brad Bird‘s (1906, Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, The Incredibles) new sci-fi, Tomorrowland, was written by Damon Landelof and Jeff Jenson, but so far we do not know much about the project as the plot has been kept tightly under-wraps. Disney have only drip-fed little snippets of information to keep fans guessing as to what the movie will be about, all we’ve received so far is some casting details and a photo of a mysterious box containing unnamed items.

What we do know, however, is Hugh Laurie (House, Street Kings, Monsters vs Aliens) will be joining the cast, playing an antagonist opposite George Clooney (Up in the Air, Ocean’s 11, ER). Laurie was recently in line to play the villain in MGM’s reboot of Robocop, but the deal never went through and the role went to Michael Keaton, although that is entirely MGM’s loss.

Well this deal left 6 times Emmy nominee, Laurie, with an opening in his schedule after the completion of the House series and not taking the Robocop project, and from what we’ve seen in his previous roles, Laurie will most definitely be a thrilling ‘bad guy’ to watch.

As to the focus of Tomorrowland, a lot of people have been creating their own theories, and the majority seem to agree that UFO’s are on the cards. JimHillMedia have a particularly interesting article about the project with some helpful educated guesses based on the mysterious box’s contents which I recommend reading.

Tomorrowland, originally named ’1952′, will be released on the 19th of December, 2014 and production will begin after Clooney finishes directing his latest film, The Monuments Men. Rumor has it that the idea for the film started when Lindelof “stumbled on a box of documents in Walt Disney’s personal development lab labeled “1952”.

Can you guess the film’s subject based on these images? I am definitely intrigued…


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