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IndieReign releases Android App

Announcing the release of IndieReign’s FREE Android App!

The IndieReign Android App is your independent film locker in the cloud. You can now access, manage and view all your IndieReign purchases and rentals on your Android tablet or smartphone and watch your IndieReign movies on the go!

The talented IndieReign Dev team have been working tirelessly to release this free app so that you, our most valued IndieReign users, can access all your indie films whenever you want, wherever you want. We told you the world of independent film was changing, and this is the first of many new introductions we are working on!

To download your free IndieReign app, visit the Google Play Store now!

10 inch nexus tablet, Android App for IndieREign

The new IndieReign app is the first iteration of many to come, and allows you to log in with your IndieReign credentials to view all of your rented and purchased films. The app syncs directly with your online account to provide up to date material so you can watch new purchases immediately, cool huh?

Already the app is rated 5 stars by some mysterious early-adopters, if you agree with them, why not head on over and add to those ratings and we’ll love you even more!

Upcoming add-ons:

  • Purchase capability
  • Internal account management
  • More supported devices

Current device requirements:

The app requires Android 3.2 and above to run, although maximum optimization 4.03+ is desirable.

Note: You must have an IndieReign account to view and download your purchased films from the site, but that’s no biggie, you can do that here for free as well!


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