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The latest Crowdfunding Project of the Week Competition proved to be easy going for Just Because. Winning by 236 votes, their army of fans religiously voted for the project every day of the competition.

Just Because is about a homeless panhandler who dreams of romance. Philip is down and out panhandler who stumbles through his otherwise joyless existence by clinging to the hope that Karina, the beautiful woman who stops and chats with Philip on a daily basis, might actually be interested in him romantically. Karina seems interested in Philip, but the stark inequality of their relationship is never fully revealed – until one fateful morning which changes everything.

Just Because is due to start filming on World Homeless Day. The film centers on the theme of inequality, but also wants to raise awareness about the current issues around homelessness all around the world. Of every $150 donated towards this project for the $150 perk, 25% will go towards a homeless shelter. Check the perks out now if you’re in need of (or just want) some good karma and support this cool indie film project at the same time!

While reading about this project on Indiegogo, a statistic jumped out, “Joel and I wanted to make a film that distilled a serious social issue, in this case the haves and the have nots – or the 99% vs 1%“. When we talk about the film industry and why IndieReign exists we often use this same statistic: 99% of films do not gain distribution deals, and we exist for that 99%.

This is what makes me passionate about Just Because, it’s not only a great crowd funding film project. It exists for the 99%; the 99% of people that do not have wealth, but have hopes, dreams, and love, so I’m getting behind it 100%.

There is just three days left for the Just Because campaign, they need your help! With still a large portion of funding needed, has anyone got some great tips for getting more fundraising? Shout out!


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