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The Global Sunrise Project wins IndieReign Project of the Week Competition

Congratulations to Kasha, the Sunrise Storyteller, the most recent victor of the Project of the Week Competition!

Kasha, The Sunrise Storyteller, is a documentary about a 15 yr. old girl who travels the world for six months, with the aim of finding out what it means to be a true global citizen.

This inspirational 15 year old girl, is doing something that most of us dream of doing, but there’s one difference between us and her, she’s stepping up and making it happen, with the help of you and me.

In her pitch video, Kasha talks about travelling the world to empower people who are courageously rising over their circumstances, people who despite their obstacles, have decided to do what they can and be a force for positive change in this world.

Kasha is working towards uniting people so they can take action, no matter how small, to overcome adversity, to help new leaders develop and grow, and to ultimately change the world through these connections and stories of hope and resilience.

The Sunrise Storyteller is a film & book of reflections. It is a teenager’s account of inspired human triumph over adversity and the power of creativity, determination and heart-to-heart connection to change the world.  A 15 year old ventures out into the world for six months, over two semesters off of school, with her mom, leaving the security of what’s familiar, to explore terrains she’s never known.  The weaving of her journey with the lives of others is one that aspires to touch and inspire. The film is intended to raise awareness and become a clarion call for those waking up to their own potential for meaningful, empowered leadership and engagement.

Kasha and her team (aka her mom) are currently fundraising on Indiegogo to finish funding their project, and after many setbacks they’re still going strong! They won Project of the Week, will they win your support, too?

If you want to learn more about this project, get involved, or even help Kasha achieve her mission, make her documentary, and write her book, then find Kasha, The Sunrise Storyteller on the below channels:

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