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Saline and Pupper Dog IndieReign indie films

Filmmaker, A.J Saraciniello, fills us in on Saline and Pupper Dog, the animated film he’s working on that mixes 2D with 3D!

A couple of weeks ago a very passionate young filmmaker reached out to IndieReign and showed us a very cool short animated film he was working on called Saline and Pupper Dog.

Brothers, A.J and Dylan Saraciniello are currently raising money to make this great little indie film. We had a chat with A.J to find out more about Saline and Pupper Dog, have a read about what he had to say…

What is your relationship with the film?

I’m directing the film with my brother Dylan, and making the puppets and props for the short. (We make films under the name The Brothers Strange… we kind of admire The Brothers Grimm).  It’s pretty cool how we work sometimes, to me at least, we kind of fill in the blanks when one of us is unsure of how to achieve a certain look, or how to make something happen, or for progression of stories.

Where did the concept for this film come from?

The concept of the film was thought up by Dylan (as well as written by him), and the characters are partly based off of our real life pets.  He also had the idea of animating 3D puppets with artist drawn 2D backgrounds.  That’s one of the things I’m really excited for about this project is the mixing of 3D and 2D.

What kind of audience do you think will enjoy this film the most?

I think this film can be enjoyed from young to mature.  We did try to incorporate some complex themes that adults can connect to, but it is light enough for kids to enjoy. Also, anyone who love’s their pets as much as we do will enjoy this.

How did you manage to get funding to make this film?

Funding is one of the big questions for us because of the style in which we wish to present this media.  We haven’t been able to start the actual production, aside from casting the voices and gathering a crew due to the funding issue.

How much do you need to raise?

We’re looking to raise $7,000.


What are you going to do with the money that you raise?

The bulk of the money will go to the supplies needed to create props, set pieces, and the puppets.  Each of our puppets will go through a three-phase process to create.  First we build a wire-frame skeleton.  Then we coat the armature with foam, like skin.  The final task is the aesthetics; how it will look, which in this case we’re knitting our own fur. Some of the characters need specific coloration, which requires multiple colored yarn, or thread, to be woven together. There’s also the cost for our 2D aspects: the backgrounds and foregrounds. Jason Boehm is our main artist, he studied at the Kubert School and funding will go toward the art supplies like paint, pens, and paper. The style in which we plan to shoot this is sometimes hard to explain. For typical films, the shots change and when the shot changes, the camera is set up at a different angle or location. For our project, because of the 2D background element, every time we have a shot change the camera doesn’t actually move, we need to have a whole new background drawn to fit the perspective of the angle change we want.  We will try to “cheat “ some shots with perspective of the backgrounds, but we figure on somewhere between 40-100 different 3 foot by 4 foot drawn backgrounds. The $7,000 also includes how much we’ll need for rewards, some of which are handcrafted.

What perks will people get if they back your film?

All donations get to view the final product of Saline and Pupper Dog.  The lower tiers include postcards with character secrets, downloadable coloring ‘zines, pin-back buttons, instant downloads of the soundtrack and a behind-the-scenes extra about the puppet making and animating.  The higher tiers get posters, t-shirts, hand-knit ear-hats, dog tags…etc.  Some rewards even allow participation and influence in our film, but those are the higher donations.

For more information about Saline and Pupper Dog, visit their Facebook page. The Saraciniello brothers have just 15 days left to reach their goal, so please check out their campaign, and dig into those pockets to help get this film made!


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