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We don’t always write posts about movies, but when we do, it’s because they’re epic. ‘Keep On’, the latest short to premiere on IndieReign, is just that.

When you see Keep On, you’d never guess it was made on a budget of just $10.64. You’d never think that it was shot in just four hours and you might not even believe me when I say the whole project was completed within just two weeks. What I see here is a very polished, well-planned and excellently executed short film with impeccable cinematography and a very credible performance from the lead, Jeremiah John Dunlap.

Keep On tells the gripping story of a young man facing the edge of human extinction in a world where the past lies in the hands of the weak, and the present is conquered by the strong.

It’s films like Keep On that make me truly believe a huge budget, expensive props and elaborate CGI explosions are not needed for excellent storytelling. It’s also films like Keep On that remind me why handcrafted, shoe-string budget films made out of pure passion are so much more gratifying, thought-provoking and rewarding than huge Hollywood releases.

Nick Floyd, the director, writer and producer of Keep On says he is super excited about the release of this film, and that all profits from the sales on IndieReign will go to his production company, Digital 8 Productions, towards a feature film. His style as a filmmaker is clear and concise, yet thrilling. In just 10 minutes the audience is taken on an adventure and given just enough information to connect the dots. With a well-written story and the right amount of suspense, I found this a very satisfying watch and came away wanting the perfect amount of ‘more’.

At just $1  for a rental, it seems almost unfair – but well worth the pennies. Without further ado, I present the Keep On trailer below:


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