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All you need to know about marketing for your independent film

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Why Filmmakers Should Distribute on IndieReign

What is IndieReign?  IndieReign is striving to revolutionize independent cinema. It is an independent film marketplace made specifically for indie filmmakers and film-lovers. The online platform enables filmmakers to sell content directly to fans and the IndieReign community, whether those are shorts, feature films, or web-series. The website...

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Top 10 Strategies for using Blogging to Grow Your Audience, INDIEREIGN tips for filmmakers

If you are in the business of making independent films, you definitely need to have a presence online to expand your audience. Waiting until after you've made your movie, and finished the film festival circuit before you start marketing yourself is a big mistake; you need to get networking...

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On February 25th, Inocente, the short documentary that used crowd-sourcing made history with a special win for the indie film community, by being the first Kickstarter project to win an Oscar. Inocente's Oscar-winning success marks the change that we have been seeing in independent films for...

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Let’s be honest, it’s nearly impossible to make money from short films. Short films really are just a calling card for your career as a whole, be it a path into feature filmmaking or the world of commercials and music videos. But the short films themselves will very rarely...

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This is the first photo I took in Vegas. It is not of Caesar's Palace or the strip in lights. Regardless of your opinions of the content, the point is this: This guy was sitting near 5 other beggers - they are basically competing for money from passers by. I watched...

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Christophe Courtois a French film director, has put together these brilliant mosaics of Film Posters. His mosaics highlight color and design styles/themes that are commonly used on Posters and DVD covers based on Genre. Here is the obligatory Yellow for Indie Films

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So You Want to Make a Movie? from chasingtimeFILM on Vimeo. A short documentary on the topic of independent filmmaking, funding and marketing. Mostly shot while in the United States while two NZ Filmmakers are touring their short film "Lily White"....