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Eat With Me, Bizarre, Somewhere In the Middle, Who We Were and Where We Lived

Welcome to the launch of IndieReign’s ALL NEW Project of the Week!

[polldaddy poll="7015359"]You all know we’ve been backing crowd-funding projects on Indiegogo and Kickstarter every week, well now we’ve decided to step it up a bit and introduce the Project of the Week!

Every Friday we will create a post (like this) which includes every project we’ve written about from Mon-Thursday, all you lovely readers will then get to vote on your favorite project to help the team get a few more perks from us!

But that’s not all, the winning project will then be entered into our Project of the Month, which if they win they will get a whole bunch of extra help from us – to check out how it all works, visit this page here!

For this week, we have Eat With Me, Bizarre, Somewhere In the Middle, and Who We Were and Where We Lived in the running. If you missed any of the articles, just click on the links to check them out before you vote. Oh, and you can only vote once!

We will announce the winner next Friday, so rally up your friends and family and VOTE AWAY!

To all the projects in the running, Good Luck!


Want to Know More About This Week’s Contenders?


Eat With Me: “a delicious food dramady about a middle-aged Asian mother who runs away from home and husband to crash on her gay son’s couch”… but if you care to watch the trailer below, you’ll see it’s far far more than that.

Bizarre small imageBizarre: “It sounds like fun and games, but it can be grueling and competitive. It takes more than talent and training to survive. And what’s vital to keeping the circus arts alive is cultivating the performers of tomorrow. With guidance from world-class circus masters, Bizarre features promising youth performers in the Bay Area with serious dreams of working professionally in the circus.”

Somewhere in the MiddleSomewhere in the Middle: is a comedic drama that charts the interconnected lives and loves of three New York City professionals. It weaves in and out of three seemingly disparate, disconnected relationships, re-telling the same events from varying perspectives. Layers of relationship, motivation and emotional dishonesty are peeled away as the characters struggle with love, sexuality, insecurity, and infidelity…

Who we were imageWho We Were and Where We Lived: “Pip is a character we can all relate to.  We all spend time thinking about our own histories, and the histories of our generations.  Haven’t we all considered what it would be like to live in another era?  Or wonder what the world was like before us?  Where are we going and what will we leave behind?”

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