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HereNowNeverNowhere, Tachyon, Julio & Carol, or Limit

Welcome to the 40th Project of the Week Competition! HereNowNeverNowhere, Tachyon, Julio & Carol, and Limit are up for the prize this week, now it’s in your hands to decide the winner!


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The Contestants


Do you remember the metaphor of blue pill in The Matrix?  If you take it, you wake up…. HereNowNeverNowhere is the blue pill AS a film. Intrigued? Click here for more…



When a genius community college professor loses his job, his life is altered forever after he makes the discovery of the century in his home-made laboratory; that alien life exists not in the stars, but around us, moving faster than the speed of light…at Tachyon speeds. Discover more  about this epic sci-fi film on Indiegogo.


Julio & Carol

A documentary about two lovers in an unbelievable fairytale that ends in heartbreak. It uses modern day interviews, playful animations, and never before seen archival footage to weave together an awe-inspiring visual adventure. Featuring Julio Cortazar and Carol Dunlop. Julio & Carol are on Indiegogo, and you can find them both here.



Limit is a sweet & sour coming of age featured film about a girl who runs into an unexpected journey causing her to question her current life with her fiancé… what would your limit be. Find more about this film on Indiegogo!


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  1. Thank you so much for selecting our little indie film about love and heartbreak :)

    When we started 11 months ago, with nothing more than a backpack, a rental car, and a worn out paperback book as our guide, we had no idea we’d get this kind of reaction. But now we’ve got thousands of fans on FB and are popping up in international media. Not to mention the beautiful, HD interviews we’ve done across 3 continents – all self funded up until today.

    If you liked Searching for Sugarman – and the whole “forgotten genius” angle, we think you’ll love our project. It’s about a young girl who drops everything to be in Paris with a famous writer called Julio Cortazar – and the four romantic and tragic years that followed.

    All the selections look so awesome. But I’m hoping for Julio & Carol obviously :)

    Tobin (Writer and Director)

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