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Burn, The Morphable Man, Westbound, Aprille:Desirae

Can’t vote with your wallet? Vote with your mouse! Burn, The Morphable Man, Westbound, and Aprille:Desirae are in this week’s competition, the winner will receive $100 on their Indiegogo campaign!

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“When Max, a mob soldier, finds out his younger brother Vince killed the wife of the mob boss Max works for; he is given two days to find his brother and get him out of town before a hired hitman comes after them.”

The trailer for Burn is all kinds of awesome, check it out here on Indiegogo!

The Morphable Man

“The Morphable Man is an indie rom-com about a man trying to hide an emotionally triggered condition that makes him transform in to any object, from LEGOs to barbed wire”

Yowza, I do not envy this guy, but The Morphable Man certainly brings a new spin on ‘super’ powers, what a neat indie! Discover more about the mysterious Morphable Man here on Indiegogo!



“Westbound is about three recent college graduates; David, Nate, and Sarah, who agree to road trip to California in hopes of a new start. The group realizes that it will not only be hard to make it in Los Angeles but hard to make it there as well.”

And a proud IndieReign partner to boot! Hurrah! Check out Westbound on Indiegogo, and support this super indie film!



“Aprille is a sophomore at Vassar College in New York. While back at her hometown during her summer break, she meets and falls in love with a charming, married woman, Desirae, who is disenchanted with her marriage to an affluent yet abusive husband. While Aprille has made up her mind to dropout of college to pursue the relationship further, Desirae has been in a similar situation before and is reluctant to give up a broken yet financially comfortable marriage for the girl who loves her.”

Inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, and some pretty strong females in this director’s life, Aprille:Desirae promises great female protagonists and inspirational characters. This is the first feature of Zero Films, and it’s success depends on you! Find Aprille:Desirae on Indiegogo here.


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