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Project of the Week 42: Vote for Songs for Amy, Free CeCe, Shooting Clerks, or Booking My Last Dance

This week we have four amazing Indiegogo projects in the competition, Songs for Amy, Free CeCe Documentary, Shooting Clerks, and Booking My Last Dance are all in the competition, and voting kicks off today! The winning project gets $100 towards their Indiegogo campaign, so vote generously.

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Songs for Amy

Songs for Amy is a darkly comedic love story set against the stunning backdrop of the west of Ireland and New York, that follows the plight of struggling musician Sean O’Malley (Sean Maguire) who tries to redeem his relationship with the love of his life, Amy (Lorna Anderson) after their perfect world is shattered by the presence of hell-raising rock band, The Alabama 3. With his relationship and future happiness hanging in the balance, Sean tries to write the perfect album for Amy with the help and hindrance from his misfit band mates.

In celebration of St Patrick’s Day, why not give our Irish friends a wee vote now? This film promises a delightful combination of great music and your typical non-stereotypical love story. Songs For Amy will be available soon for digital distribution, so let’s give them a helping hand to get this show on the road! Check out Songs for Amy now on Indiegogo.


Free CeCe Documentary

CeCe’s story is important because it is often repeated and rarely reported. There is a culture of violence experienced by transgender people of color. The film juxtaposes CeCe’s survival with the story of Islan Nettles and other victims of trans-misogynistic attacks. Ultimately the film will confront the need for cultural competency training, public policy, and legislation to recognize the lives of trans people.

When I watch this video I’m confronted with so many feelings; sadness, anger, empathy, and hope. Hope that documentaries like this can help spread the word and end the hurt of so many people that comes from ignorance, hate, prejudice, and racism. If you want to do your part, vote for Free CeCe now, and check out Free CeCe on Indiegogo now.


The Kevin Smith Biopic: Shooting Clerks

The Kevin Smith Biopic: Shooting Clerks, is a feature film detailing the struggles a young Kevin Smith encountered while trying to figure out his place in the world. After a short spell at film school he came up with the idea of shooting a feature film in the very convenience store he worked in. Armed with limited resources, ill begotten credit cards, and the dedication of long time friends, Kevin risked everything to bring his unique vision to fruition.

If you enjoyed Clerks, you’re bound to get a kick out of this, a great indie with the support of Kevin Smith himself, Shooting Clerks already has a major step ahead in the game. Get behind this project now, and find out more here on Indiegogo.

Booking My Last Dance

Booking My Last Dance is a short film about a lifetime tragedy writer; a writer who believes in the power of his written words and how they affect his universe. Due to certain events,  a question rises in his mind: Could writing a comedy change the course of someone else’s life?

The teaser above for Booking My Last Dance certainly got my attention, and now I’m just dying to see more. If this team can do comedy as well as they can do thriller or tragedy, then I’m betting this is going to be a very successful project. Of course, the question is if - if you want to see what they can do – support Booking My Last Dance here on Indiegogo, and vote for the project now.




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