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Project of the Week 43, will it be The Last Beat, Live Life Dearest, 28 Minute Epic, or Cubicle 21?

The Last Beat, Live Life Dearest, 28 Minute Epic, and Cubicle 21 are in this Project of the Week Competition, and it is my reckoning that this is going to be a great one! You know what to do, the project with the most votes wins! Oh, and sign up to IndieReign to support indie film as well (free), we’d love that.

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The Last Beat

The Last Beat follows the final days of Jay Douglas, famous American rock star, in a turbulent, but exhilarating early 70′s Paris. Inspired by the last days of rock and pop culture icon Jim Morrison, this fictional take is not in any way a traditional biopic, but a lyrical study of a brilliant, complex, and troubled soul. Tragic and comedic, at the film’s core are Jay’s broken, but passionate relationships with the two women in his life – Clemence, a glamorous Countess, and his professed “soul-mate,” Valerie Eason, an earthy red-haired beauty from golden California.

I’m a huge fan of The Doors, and I think Jim Morrison was spectacular, if you’re like me and you want to see The Last Beat break on through to the other side (hehe), vote for this project in the poll above. Also, please watch the pitch video, it tells you exactly why you should support this director, then go to The Last Beat‘s Indiegogo page and watch the first 9 minutes of the movie. It’s very climactic and amazing.


Live Life Dearest

Live Life Dearest  is a film co-produced by over 1,000 people from around the world, that tells the story of several people who realize that they only exist and live through someone else’s dreams. This fictional compilation, melancholic and nostalgic, uses home videos and films—the vast majority in 8mm— to portray a journey through various stages of life, ranging from the loss of innocence to the death of a loved one; always with a poetic and thoughtful tone, which makes the film become a therapy that seeks to raise awareness in the senses.

There’s nothing quite like old 8mm home movies, and Juan Diego Escobar has created a way that merges hundreds of people’s memories from around the world in to one amazing journey about what it means to be human. It’s vintage but modern, nostalgic yet therapeutic, sad but happy. It’s been four years in the making, but now it’s finally time to see Live Life Dearest at a festival near you. You know what to do, vote for Live Life Dearest, and support the project on Indiegogo.


28 Minute Epic

 28 Minute Epic is a real-life superhero action comedy written by Rocco Petrullo and GianCarlo Fernandez. The feature film will be directed by GianCarlo Fernandez. The movie is about two aimless Jersey boy best friends, who get fired from their cushy pornshop jobs and decide to become superheroes for hire in order to attain financial stability after accidentally saving someone’s life. With help from a “professional” crime fighter, they discover that being a hero isn’t always super.

If you could be a super hero in today’s world, what would you do? Rent yourself out of course! This is a neat, fun idea for a film, and incase you didn’t see, it is feature length! It’s pretty neat that this guy just quit his job at Apple to make movies, we want him to succeed, and we’d love to see 28 Minute Epic on IndieReign. Go on, give ‘em a vote. You know you want to!


Cubicle 21

Mark works for a British owned suicide helpline with a call center located in Prague. He is half English, half Czech with a lonely, overbearing English mother who involves herself in every aspect of his life. His few work pals treat him like dirt, his boss is a corporate lackey and the depressed callers he counsels are making him want to call the helpline himself. These factors drive Mark to create an elaborate lie in order to take an extended leave from work, his mother and the rest of the dystopic issues he faces in order to spend all his time searching for the elusive woman in his dreams. Mark is convinced that she is indeed real and that his meetings will allow him to find her in the real world.

Cubicle 21 is a dark comedy about a guy who meets the “girl of his dreams” in his dreams, literally! This story is like Brazil meets Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind. I keep seeing amazing films coming out of the Czech Republic, and this might be one of them if we can help director David West reach his crowdfunding goal. Cubicle 21 needs your help, will you vote for this project?



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