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Project of the week winner: Live Life Dearest IndieReign Indiegogo film

Live Life, Dearest! This amazing collaborative project won IndieReign’s 43rd Project of the Week Competition!

Live Life Dearest is a vintage film made by the global collective who donated their memories in order to build a story about pain, loss & nostalgia that seeks to become therapeutic.

Live Life Dearest is a film co-produced by over 1,000 people from around the world, that tells the story of several people who realize that they only exist and live through someone else’s dreams. This fictional compilation, melancholic and nostalgic, uses home videos and films—the vast majority in 8mm— to portray a journey through various stages of life, ranging from the loss of innocence to the death of a loved one; always with a poetic and thoughtful tone, which makes the film become a therapy that seeks to raise awareness in the senses.”

This is a film that deeply questions what it’s like to be “human”, it’s a journey through pain, loss, love, and shattered dreams. It aims to be an exploration of the inner self, offers peace and opens the viewers mind to a breach in conscience which helps experience inner change.

Live Life Dearest is scented with amazing vintage imagery and amazing visuals, it’s an inspiration, and a film like none other I have seen before.

If you feel like you need to be a part of Live Life Dearest, you can find the project on their Indiegogo page!

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