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Project of the Week 45! Will it be Deadly Tracks, Look Again, Foot, or Umbria?

This week we’ve lost a bit of time due to Memorial Day – but never fear! There is always time for a speed week of voting. Deadly Tracks, Look Again, Foot, and Umbria are in this Project of the Week Competition!

Just as a reminder, you can vote once a day, and the winner of this competition will get $100 sweet cash from IndieReign towards their Indiegogo project, how neat is that? Now you’re not only voting with your wallet, but you’re voting with your clicks as well, so make it count.

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Poll Results:

Votes close: 6pm PST, Saturday May 31st.


Meet the Contestants:

Deadly Tracks

Deadly Tracks follows a group of young filmmakers which are set to make the best, worst horror movie ever… What they discover on an abandoned railway will change their lives. For ever.

See Deadly Tracks on Indiegogo


Look Again

Betrayed by people he trusted and on the verge of giving up on life, Look Again follows a man is visited by his guardian angel who gives him a special gift: a pair of glasses that allow him to see people’s true nature. Expecting life to be simple and for things to all go his way, he’s surprised by the reactions of his friends – and even his own reaction to having this unique power.

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Foot explores our shifting relationship to one of the most important and overlooked parts of the human body: our feet.

By guiding us through contemporary research as well as ancient traditions, this film reveals the rich heritage, body awareness, and health benefits that can be reclaimed simply by walking barefoot. “Foot” unveils the reality of our current dysfunctional relationship with feet, and gives voice to the doctors, athletes, shoemakers, and advocates who are pioneering a different way of thinking about foot health. The first step towards a brighter, healthier future is to take off our shoes and walk free.

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Umbria, 1965 is the story of an unlived life. Piero, a young man grows up in stasis, conflicted by his desire to remain within the safety of the beautiful landscape in which he has always resided but never belonged, and his profound need to escape.

Adapted from poetry and inspired by experience, “Umbria, 1965″ makes a profound statement on the temporary nature of life and the looming danger of inaction.

See Umbria on Indiegogo



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