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Up for Project of the Week we have another four amazing campaigns, but who will take home the $100? You decide!

Check out the list of this week’s contenders, and have a look at their Indiegogo videos. We’ve got such a great lineup, so cast your votes carefully. The winner of the competition will gain $100 towards their Indiegogo project, as well as extra publicity from us! Want to know more? Read the Project of the Week FAQ here.

The Shelter:

One starry night, widower and homeless man, Thomas, gets a lucky break, or so he thought as he happens across an inviting house in his travels. The lights are on, the door is open, but nobody is home. Entering inside to find shelter, and with nobody in sight, Thomas enjoys a warm bath, plenty of food, and even some television in the abandoned yet inviting house. All is well until Thomas wakes from a restless sleep to discover a loaded revolver in his lap. Uneasiness overwhelms Thomas, but when he tries to leave, he finds all the doors locked and is unable to open or break any of the windows… Will he survive the ordeal and what will he discover in the end?

The Shelter, directed by John Fallon (arrowinthehead.com, among other impressive credentials), and with an equally impressive cast and crew, is looking to raise $100,000 for their killer project on Indiegogo. The Shelter will be one of those indies not easily forgotten, and I’d say one that’ll soon be hitting some pretty awesome film festivals upon its completion. If you want to see it get there, vote for The Shelter above, and of course, check out their Indiegogo page!


Mythos S2 is the continuing story of Morgan, once known as the stoic Athena, whose legendary past changed the course of history. After turning her back on the Allfather she’s served for thousands of years and returning to her earth-god origins, she realizes she’ll have to fight one last time to save everything – and everyone – she loves.

I’ve just watched Season 1 on the Mythos Website and I am hooked! It would be wonderful to see Season 2 completed, and the extra funds raised on Indiegogo will make sure of that. If you’re a little intrigued, why not pay the Mythos website a visit, and vote for Mythos to help make Season 2!


INNA  is a A melancholic surreal drama about a girl who tries to find a home in the world, and ends up in all the loneliest places. INNA truly exposes that idea and ultimately shows us the world contains no two identical souls. INNA also gives us another look at ourselves, and how society and social media have really affected our way of living.

Let’s hear it for the girls! These lady filmmakers are on a mission to raise self-awareness, and I am 100% with them! With only 7 days left to raise the funds needed to complete the fundraising goal of $40,000, INNA is on the home stretch! We here at IndieReign are such proud supporters of #WomenInFilm and it would be splendid to marvel in the success of INNA. Get on board and vote for this awesome indie film and check out what else these lasses have to say on Indiegogo!


Freeloaders is the story of two very different relationships. There’s Nora and David, a married couple going through a slight rough patch after David loses his job. And then there’s Camille, Nora’s off-beat sister, and her lovable deadbeat boyfriend Rocko. When these two hippies come to crash in the suburbs, tempers flare and hilarity ensues. It’s The Odd Couple…with actual couples.

Freeloaders is the second webseries we have in the running for this Project of the Week competition, and we cannot wait to see the team get started! Brought to us by The Fold (see their YouTube channel here), as their fourth original series, this ensemble sitcom that apparently includes “a dash ofParanormal Activity (how’s that, you say?), a soupcon of drunken debauchery, and a heaping spoonful of family drama”. If you’ve had a look at their Indiegogo project page and you want to support this friendly crew, then please, vote for Freeloaders above and help breathe a little more financial life into this awesome indie series!


Voting closes in one week’s time, so make it count and come back every day with your friends, family, and fans! (Tip: you can vote every 24 hours!)


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