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Swaroop Kanchi skips DVD, Chosing Direct Distribution for Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi

Independent filmmakers are quickly realising that distribution is the time that they sink or swim. Many of which have started opting in for Direct Distribution through digital channels and VOD websites.

Swaroop Kanchi, an acclaimed Indian filmmaker, has been experimenting with direct distribution on IndieReign for his film Bengaloored, and to much success.

Bengaloored, a 2010 romantic drama, had already been released on multiple mediums, including free channels online. However due to fan following and the desire for audiences to directly support independent filmmakers with their dollars, Kanchi received enough attention and revenue over the past year to make the call to move away from physical DVD and Blu-ray production and go straight to where the audience is – online.

Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi, produced by Tapas Films and directed by, written by, and starring Swaroop Kanchi – who also composed the film’s musical score – has just finished screening at theatres all over India, and will now be presented to audiences anywhere and everywhere online. IndieReign viewers will have access to the first Hindi film that has had a theatre release to become exclusively available on the site for direct distribution.

Below is the trailer for Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi, which will be released on IndieReign in the next few days.


“When you step into the world of Kaalidas, you enter the life of a dreamer. He is a taxi driver, and like the many drivers in the city who cruise the streets ferrying passengers to and fro, Kaalidas lives his mundane life by enjoying the air of an alternate universe of his dreams, where love, wealth and acceptance are within reach, and joy is just around the corner. But what will he do when reality grows more grim and new problems that will rock his world strike? Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi is primarily a story of a lonesome Taxi Driver looking for Love. He dreams of success, fame & money and above all a purpose to live.”



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