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IndieReign's Crowdfunding Project of the Week with Indiegogo

Dear friends, filmmakers, and film fans! Today, IndieReign announces the All NEW Crowdfunding Project of the Week!

Today we are really excited to announce a whole new way of doing things for the Crowdfunding Project of the Week competition! We’re upping the stakes, and putting in $100 every week for the winner!


From now on, the four chosen Indiegogo campaigns will be notified at the start of the week so that each team has a fair amount of warning before voting starts. We’ll then announce the four projects to the public at the same time which is when voting will begin. One week later, the project that musters up the most votes will win a much bigger and better prize!

So, what exactly do we win?

  • $100 towards your Indiegogo campaign!
  • Promotion of your project over our online community of 50,000+
  • An article about you on our blog of 1,000+ daily readers
  • Entry into IndieReign’s Project of the Month competition!

I want in, how do I enter?

Entering is easy, just fill out an easy form here, tell us why your project should be part of Project of the Week, and if you make the cut, we’ll be in contact to let you know! We’re also regulars on the Indiegogo site, so you sometimes may be contacted by us asking if you want to be included! We’re nice like that.

Okay, how do I get $100 for my Indiegogo Project?

This part is easy! All you need to do is get the most votes over a week for your campaign, then after exactly one week the polls will close and we’ll tally up the votes! Participants can vote once every 24 hours, so everyone has a fair chance of wining!

You had me at hello.

That’s fantastic! We’re looking forward to checking out your project! Good luck commrades :)

I don’t have a crowdfunding project yet, but I think I want one…

Awesome sauce! Click here to create an Indiegogo project, if you use this link your project will become an IndieReign partner on Indiegogo! This means we will give you extra promotion, a higher chance for being selected for Project of the Week, and maybe even a bit of extra financial backing! What’s not to like about this?




T’s and C’s

To enter, you must be a member of the IndieReign community (join for free here: www.indiereign.com). Projects must be live throughout the duration of the competition (so that when you win we can donate your $100 through Indiegogo). No nastyness – be nice to your competitors, we’re all here for indie film and should be supporting each other, not putting others down. No cheating, we can tell if you use a voting bot, so seriously, just don’t do it.

We have a crowdfunding campaign… but it’s not with Indiegogo.

IndieReign is proudly an official partner with Indiegogo, and we believe that Indiegogo is the optimum choice for indie filmmakers, as their values align with our own, and we’re all trying to really make a difference in the indie film industry.

However, we also want to help ALL filmmakers with their projects, so do not give up hope! If you’re in need of some extra promotion for your project, feel free to give us a bell on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll see what we can do!

Do you still love us?

Believe me, we love nothing more than supporting indie films and filmmakers. We have made it our personal mission to transform the indie film world by providing tools, support, and platforms that put the power back into indie filmmakers and film fans. Have you checked out IndieReign.com? The smart site allows filmmakers to upload their content and sell it anywhere in the world, for free!

What’s in it for film fans? Film fans, now you can support the indie film industry and make a real difference! When you buy films on IndieReign you are purchasing content directly from the filmmaker! We cut out the middle man, and you are literally funding a filmmaker’s next movie for your own entertainment. Or, you could just be feeding the hungry independents who starved while trying to make that movie you just bought on a shoestring budget…

And all this? This was made from us with love, we know the pain indie filmmakers go through after grueling through the filmmaking process with no money, making a great film, having a great film festival run, only to be denied by distributors for a fair deal. IndieReign is a direct response to this injustice, and we won’t let it stand any longer! So to answer this question? Yes. Yes, we still love you, we love you SO very much, and we are making all of this for YOU. We really hope you love our new Project of the Week. Thank you :)


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