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The top indie thrillers on IndieReign for Under $3.00!

We have the best of the best, the top of the top, the crème de la crème, of indie thrillers to bring you this week!  We’ve selected six films for you to have a taste of the indie goodness you can watch over the weekend at IndieReign.  Be prepared to be even more thrilled as all six films are under $3.00!  That leaves you more coin to buy new underpants!  Note: IndieReign is in no way responsible for certain accidents in which new underpants are required whilst watching these thrillers, or the emotions that might overwhelm the viewer.

Open your mind, read these synopsis, watch some trailers and if you are feeling extra warm and fuzzy, buy or rent a film to help support indie filmmakers!

Lover Boy


Loverboy is a drama/thriller about a beautiful girl with a painful home life, who breaks it off with her drug-addict ex, Matt.  She is ready to give up on dating all together.  Between raising her two younger brothers, and working a meaningless nine-to-five with her best friend, Lauren doesn’t have much time or desire for a new man.

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Trade Routes

Trade Routes

A political thriller exploring the ineptitude of U.S. Intelligence and cynicism of the global democracy business.  This is a very well-made, smart drama political thriller with an exceptional cast that drive the story.

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Dimitri, a 23 year-old swimmer, dives into the water of a dark pool after achieving success in the European Championships.  As his body floats in the water, memories from the past come flooding into his mind, reminding him about his relationship with Elsa, an environmental activist who has mysteriously disappeared.

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A must-see on IndieReign about a girl who hides a criminal inside her bedroom closet.  At first they have an innocent relationship: trading stories, making up rules, and goofing around, but slowly the man becomes bored with her girly ways and begins to spy on her lonely mother.  This is dark, mysterious film full of suspense!

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Here are my top two favorite picks from the week. Take a look at the trailers and let me know if you are a fan too!

Stronger Than Blood

Tommy and Sule are like brothers: Through their short lives of 19 years, their friendship has become bulletproof.  Their gang is their family, and they live life like there’s no tomorrow.  They dream of opening an auto body shop together but Tommy gets caught up in a botched drug deal and is sent to a juvenile prison.

 Want to see more? Click here to watch Stronger Than Blood for just $1.99!


Bolivian Kiss

Based on two friends travelling through a seaside town, their holiday turns into a nightmare when brutal people smugglers arrive.  Bolivian Kiss is described as a ‘blood curdling’ psychological thriller and is full of suspense.

Like what you saw? Click here to watch the full film for $2.99!

I hope that you have enjoyed learning more about the top indie films we have on offer at IndieReign. For these films and much more, visit our website.

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