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What’s hot on IndieReign? The new feature film, Haunted, that’s what.

Haunted the movieDare you venture into the most haunted place in the world? British director, Steven M.Smith’s reality-TV horror film takes the audience into the most haunted place in the world, filming a paranormal investigation and obtaining evidence that proves we are not alone.

If you’re into ghosts, reality TV, and spine-tingling, paranormal events then watch Haunted on IndieReign for as little as $3.99.

“Six contestants win a competition to appear on a live reality TV show at a secret location in rural England.  The next ten hours will be spent on a paranormal investigation with a TV crew searching for the truth behind ghost stories that haunt an old railway station museum.  Something Evil awaits them.  They will all discover the truth, that we are not alone.”

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