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Hit The Road: India is a new documentary on IndieReign and is a must to add to your film watch list.Hit The Road: India

Hit The Road: India is an adventure documentary following two friends, Ric Gazarian and Keith King, participating in Mumbai Xpress – a 12-day-long rickshaw rally across India, from Mumbai to Chennai.  It was recognised by Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world, as one of the top ten greatest adventures in the world.  If you enjoy watching shows such as The Amazing Race or are just in to travel documentaries, I would highly recommend you give this a watch.  Directors Gor Baghdasaryan and Mushegh Baghdasaryan have done an excellent job capturing the stunning landscape of India which is complimented by some spectacular cinematography and beautiful photography.

If you are wanting a little adventure in your life, or just want to be thoroughly entertained, you can buy this feature-length doco for as little as $4.99

Take a look at the trailer for Hit The Road: India…

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