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What’s hot on IndieReign?  The new feature comedy, King Lee, that’s what.  So hot that it has already received impressive 5-star reviews from those who have seen it.

Director Jonathan Case has done a fantastic job of creating an insanely funny film with tons of action sequences, groovy clothes, hair and plenty of hilarious scenes.  If this sounds like your kind of film, take a look at the trailer below and watch the full film on IndieReign for just $5.00.

“A really unique film and a fun one to boot”Film Threat

“King Lee occasionally feels like an old Batman TV episode on hallucinogens, although the supporting performances are often funny without going overboard into campiness. King Lee is hands-down the nuttiest political satire in Salt City cinema history”Syracuse New Times 

King Lee is  about “the mostly untrue true story of a young mayor in the 1970s whose ambition is only matched by his corruption. King Lee is a feature film about a fictional mayor of Syracuse, NY in the 1970s. It is primarily based the real-life exploits of the actual mayor of Syracuse from 1970-1986, Lee Alexander, but this is far from a true account. It’s a wild, surreal ride through an era when cities were in trouble, Syracuse was on the rise, and one man had to choose between lining his own pockets and the future of the city he loves.”

Want more? Of course you do! Click here to watch the full film for $5.00

For more info about King Lee, check out their website, Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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