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What’s hot on IndieReign? The brand new award-winning documentary Million Calorie March, picking up where Supersize Me left off.

Million Calorie March is a brand new feature-length documentary on IndieReign.  Director and main man, Gary Michael Marino’s film explores his 1200 mile fundraiser andMillion Calorie March IndieReign indie films Gary Marino awareness campaign.  This award-winning film educates and inspires the public on America’s Obesity Epidemic while exploring such issues as food addiction, portion sizes, the weight loss industry, child obesity, discrimination, depression, Sleep Apnea, relapse, the links with alcoholism and much, much more.

This humorous and inspirational documentary will make you laugh and cry.  Watch this personal journey on IndieReign for as little as $4.99 – you will not be disappointed.

“Through flashbacks to Marino’s childhood, viewers will see the influences that lead to obesity and the battle to overcome food addiction. They will witness what it’s like to lose nearly 150 pounds the old-fashioned way – and lead a first of it’s kind, one-man crusade up the eastern seaboard of the U.S. to help battle obesity. This documentary will make you think about why so many kids and adults are struggling with obesity and empower you to find ways to help them with the fight. Anyone who has ever struggled to overcome personal obstacles will be inspired by this engaging man’s willingness to laugh at himself and bare his soul.”

Take a look at the trailer…

 Click here to watch the full film for just $4.99 and do your bit to support indie film.

For more info on Million Calorie March, visit their website and Facebook page:

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