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A Documentary about YouTubers featuring Daily Grace, Dan Brown, Hannah Hart, and Mitchell Davis

YouTube Documentary starring Daily Grace, Dan Brown, Hannah Hart, and Mitchell DavisIndieReign Exclusive: Documentary Please Subscribe explores who the most influential vloggers are on Youtube and their rise from obscurity to internet celebrity.

Do you ever find yourself going on a Youtube-watching binge and find that you’ve lost hours on end? What is everybody watching on YouTube? Who are these people creating all of this new content? More importantly- why is anyone watching?

If the names Hannah Hart, Mitchell Davis or Daily Grace are ringing bells, then some of these talented vloggers may be the reason why you’re turning to Youtube. Millions are watching, subscribing, and fascinated.

This documentary follows the YouTube-sensations who have found fame by uploading their video escapades of drunk cooking, playing video games, creating stop motion music videos, and getting discovered. Through a series of intimate narrative vignettes, the film explores the different journey taken by a creator to get to where they are today, how they’re staying relevant in a growing and saturated market, and what they hope the future in this unstable, ever changing medium looks like.

Please Subscribe, explores the wonderful world of YouTube fame as director Dan Dobi interviews and follows some of the site’s top vloggers to try to find what drives them, where they come from, and where they see themselves going.

“YouTube is not just an amateur video site. The third most trafficked site on the Internet is among of a handful of mediums building the careers of independent artists who are making over six figures a year by just uploading videos to the internet. Please Subscribe is a feature-length documentary that gives an exclusive look and explores the phenomenon behind of some of the most influential and unique content creators currently taking the world of online entertainment by storm.”

Please Subscribethe feature-length documentary is now exclusively available on IndieReign, usually $6.99 but for the next 24 hours you can get your hot hands on it for $4.99 to celebrate Cyber Monday!

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See what Daily Grace, Wheezy Waiter and Dan Brown had to say about Please Subscribe

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