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It’s Not You, It’s Me is a refreshing and entertaining look at the seemingly depressing breakup process…

Directed and written by Nathan Ives, this debut feature pushes the It's Not You, It's Me IndieReign indie films by Nathan Ivesboundaries of the relationship comedy genre by ingeniously giving the audience a front row seat to the absurdity that plays out in the minds of this couple as they debate the choice that will affect their future, together or apart.  It’s Not You, It’s Me is a familiar story that surprises by examining the complexities of relationships that exist, sometimes only by our own devices.

You’ll be sure to recognize some familiar faces in this comedy including Erick Avari (The Mummy, Planet of the Apes), Beth Littleford (Crazy, Stupid Love, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) and oh so many more.  Do your bit to support indie film and buy It’s Not You, It’s Me straight from the filmmaker for just $2.99.

“Hopeless romantic, serial commitment-phobe, Dave, is reeling from his decision to break up with his near perfect, now ex-girlfriend.  As he tries to forget her, his battling inner voices come to life and cloud his mind with conflicting desires.  Meanwhile, Carrie’s own disjointed inner voices push her to move on with someone less complicated.  Sensing time is short, Dave embarks on a sincere and sometimes fumbled personal journey to conquer his fear of commitment.”

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