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Frozen Kids, A Documentary about sexually abused menFrozen Kids is a shocking, eye opening documentary on IndieReign, that exposes the disastrous consequences children have to face when their boundaries are exceeded.

Frozen Kids is a feature-length documentary by filmmaker Cees Franke. In Frozen Kids, men talk about their experiences with sexual abuse in their lives during their childhood. Men are often too ashamed to acknowledge their abuse.

Frozen Kids refers to a state of mind originated during sexual abuse.  Many survivors compare it to freezing mentally and physically during the abuse. Because of the amount of testimonies this film contributes to the processing- and process of acceptance of the victims.

Frozen Kids contributes to the public debate on sexual abuse of boys and men, and until now underexposed group of victims. Another goal is to make the film an education aid.

Take a look at the trailer below and watch Frozen Kids on IndieReign for just $2.99.

 Click here to watch the full film for just $2.99!

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